Food @ Sky Coffeshop at Bandar Sungai Long

5 08 2008

A day again.. makan at the Sky Coffeshop at Bandar Sungai Long.. This time we tasted to porridge, curry chee cheong fun as well as popiah and seafood kong poh rice. Em.. is yummy

Porridge- Porridge is kinda expensive and is only “ pei tan” only. The taste is ok.. jus a bit salty.. maybe is due to the pei tan and they put in as well bits of “ham tan” ( salty egg) and they put a bit like fried bihun as decoration as well.. so is RM 3.00 per bowl

Curry Chee cheong Fun is where the chee cheong fun is put with the curry rather than the normal one which comes prawn paste and sweet paste. The taste is ok.. and not that spicy as well… and they also put some brinjal Not bad.. Is RM 3.50

Popiah is not really nice here.. The popiah style here is like in Ipoh where is dry while in Penang is bit wet. The ingridients are nearly the same just the different here they put nuts.. The taste is ok ok only … so cant say is as good as in Penang o.. RM 2 fr tat

Seafood Kong Poh Rice.. – it is where they cooked the seafood which comes with prawns, seashells and sotong with the kong poh sauce which is not spicy though.. is like mild spicy rice..Not bad.. and kinda cheap .. only RM 4

Taste: 3/5




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