Me.. Me.. Me..

Life isnt complete wifout writting.. I am a gal who writes about wat i see.. i look .. i eat and taste. Trying to go round.. to parts of places i never been..seeing each parts of the world tat i would like to feel tat it is…

Born in 1983, a year of a pig.. believe should love eating as well as i love many stuff in de world.. Being a virgo itself.. should be a bit believing of being perfectionist.. isnt that so.. i never realli be one.. and now is .. is dere.. My self.. i dono wat to say, but a simple gal wif big imagination perhaps.. and being a love of strawberries as well. More bout me…

Name: Pamela Yeoh aka.. Strawberry Gal

P.O.B: Penang, Malaysia

D.O.B: A Virgo ( Aug 1983).. 😛

Things I love: Drawing, Blogging, Travelling, Photography, Chatting.. and More..

Maritial Status: Right now too complicated.. but single.. haha

Wat I like to Eat: Yummy YummY strawberry, Assam Laksa.. and more..

Study IN : UMS

Working as : web specialist in .. Penang Factory..

.. wanna know more can ask me.. and share wif me.. more.. on wat u love and eat..

@ pamela_ybc@yahoo.com.hk

MSN/ YM: pamela_ybc@yahoo.com.hk

Skype: pamela_ybc@yahoo.com.hk

as well as frenster: pamela_ybc@yahoo.com.hk and facebook : pamela_ybc@yahoo.com.hk

If would like to have links exchanged, can e mail me as well.


3 responses

21 04 2008

Hello Strawberry gal..good to know about good places to have a meal…esp in Penang coz I usually go there with my family..

25 12 2008

Hi! Added you to my blogroll! 🙂

30 12 2008

Hi, please add this blog on food. this blog no longer be maintained.

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