Foh San Melon Seed

6 09 2008

Foh San Melon Seed had caught my attention more than other brands of mooncakes which are heavy in ingredients which have tea flovour and many more.. Maybe is too heavy ingredients, I maybe fail to love them a lot. This melon seed mooncake is packed in small packets where u can eat them when you feel like too. This mooncake is released by Fu San and u can find them in many major stores in Malaysia. Nice and yummy

I purchase them in Jusco which is RM21.90 for packing of 30 pcs whule 12 for RM 13
Taste: 4/5


Cha Tan in YUe Yan Sang at Queensbay Mall

4 09 2008

Cha tan is one of the famous food here.. I love to eat cha tan as is mainly havin the herbal taste.. we can get them in malls where u can see many tea shop or sellin herbal shop will have some some people selling the cha tan and is really nice..

The cha tan or in english herbal egg.. is cook wif egg and a packe of herbal soup.. i love the one in YUe Yan Sang at Queensbay Mall.. Is real yummy

Prangin Mall Pasembur

15 08 2008

Pasembur is one of the yummy food to have for snacks at late afternoon and anytime.. Penang dere are 2 types of Pasembur which are the chinese style and Indian style. I love the chinese style.. Where inside you can find cucumbers and mengkuang as well as some tau kua, and biscuits … is kinda of deep fried,, crunchy biscuits which I love to take,, and some even have this nice stuff which is jelly fish.. I had this in another shop at Prangin Mall 3rd Floor where u can find many stalls in the middle of the mall which combining the north zone and the south zone. The shop is jus opposite of Chin Koay Café

The pasambur sauce is not too sweet. Jus good enough and they are good in giving lots of sauce that make it taste even nice.. Yummy

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 3

John King Egg Tart again

11 07 2008

Its time for my yummy John King Egg Tart again if you are in Pavillion… and is a must for me.. but this time is a bit expnsive.. due to petrol hike .. the egg tart also becoming more expensive.. but this wont resist me from buying it.. haha.. and I bought 10 if it … and nearly kinda finish all of them.. that’s make me grow fatter now.. haiz.. wats so special bout Johny egg tart.. as I am a fans of egg tart.. and is durian egg tart … how can I resist it..

Most important the egg tart smells durian smells.. and de smell is real good,,, that my car is full of the durian smell when I pack back.. can u imagine tat?.. they are make from fresh durian that make it so nice.. and the crunch when u take them up from the cup it is easily breaks .. so becareful while u are eatin it ooo.. hehe… love the egg tart so so much. Oh ya.. wats de price : RM 2 each for the durian one

Price: RM2

Taste: 5/5

Thye Hong’s Fried Carrot Cake

10 07 2008

Thye Hong’s Fried Carrot Cake in Food Republic , Pavilion KL is quite famous. The fried carrot cake is not bad .. is something unique to try actually. I love it cause I am a fans of carrot as well. The price is RM 6.50. Nice.. jus de service is not really good.. and is really pack in lunch time

Thye Hong,

Food Republic Apex Excellent,

Lot 1.41.00, Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur ,

168, Bukit Bintang,

55100 Kuala Lumpur , MALAYSIA

Wo Tie @ Kedai Kopi Chuan Hin

10 07 2008

This shop is famous for its Wo Tie. I love the Wo Tie as the taste is real different and nice. It is recommend by my friends in Sabah .. In my 3 years life, I took only a few times.. and I never say no haha It is located next to The Cottage, Luyang. Near Traffic light of Luyang.


9 07 2008

Dodol is a taffy-like food delicacy popular in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines especially in the Ilocos Region in Luzon and in the Lanao provinces of Mindanao and in India especially in the Region of Goa. It is made with coconut milk, jaggery, rice flour, and sometimes cashews, and is sticky, thick and sweet. It is mostly served during festivals such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Hari Raya Haji. There are different versions of Dodol available including a Durian flavor available in Asian food stores