23 09 2008


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Nasi Lemak at Sungai Long- Fan Wah Coffee Shop

10 07 2008

Is time to Makan again.. I had my makan at Sungai Long @ Cheras.. Wah.. why strawberry gal went so far.. hehe.. is not fr traveling but need to go KL to settled some problem so I am dere in KL. So, since dere.. mer go try the food dere lo.. hehe.. that day early morning, we had damn heavy lunch.. KL food real big plate.. scare me.. We had them in FAN WAH.. oh ya.. the place is around the UTAR @ Sg Long. Em. Early in the morning.. u can find a lot of food choices dere.. there are noodles and rice.. and many more. I took Nasi Lemak.. gosh..i am lucky since I can pick and choose.. as in early morning I usually skip.. but this time I ordered a small plate of nasi lemak.. though I jus get a small portion.. but is nice.. em @ the stall, you can choose the types of food u wan. They have chicken, prawns, sotong and more..

I jus grab a small portion of rice and some prawns and egg.. only and this cost me RM 2. Kinda cheap in KL la.. haha..The rice had the smell of lemak lemak.. haha.. not normal rice. .. but not too lemak also moderate.. so is quite good

Madam Kwan – Curry Laksa

10 07 2008

Madam Kwan is always my choice of food.. but this time I din take nasi lemak di .. but took the curry laksa. (RM12.30) The Curry Laksa was thick and all “santan-ny” but it was far from fragrant and aromatic. The sambal belacan was quite flat as well. Em.. I love them as because of the nice smell as the nice taste.. oh gosh.. hw can I say NO. The food dere is real lemak.. oishi.. nothing to say but one word yummy

White Coffee Ice fr Kim Shan, Sg Ara, Penang

23 05 2008

White Coffee is also a popular drink for dining in Penang. I had tasted many places of White coffee but i found this shop white coffee is very nice.. and this shop Kim Shan white coffee is a nicest of all. Yummy and the smell is nice and taste is fabolous.
Have a try and tell me wat u think

Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 1.60

New Cathay Wan Tan Mee @ Pulau Tikus, Penang

15 05 2008

– The stall-

Wan Tan Mee is one of the normal local hawker food in Penang..but the one i taste which is yummy one is at New Cathay at Pulau Tikus. Situated at where? It is along Jalan Burmah opposite Belissa Row. This shop is famous for many yummy food . One of them is pan cake.. and i found that another things is nice there is de wan tan mee.

Why is that so? The mee is different from others as its mee had add eggs when processing it. Other than that, the prawn is not only wrapped with meat but u can find prawns inside there as well. It is yummy.. mosly i will ordered just wan tan only with the mee.. cause i don take much of others.

You can even other soup or dry.

Price: RM 3
Taste: 4/5