Nyonya Curry Mee @ AIr Itam Market, Penang

1 05 2008

yummy yummy yummy… I had my favorite Nyonya curry mee again from Air Itam market.. is so so so yummy… i love it because is nice because the quality is good as well the prawns. Other than that, it is a bit different from the normal curry mee. Why is that so?? It is because the curry mee is a bit lemak and have it is not only can put normal curry mee stuff which is prawns and shrimps.. but as well as chicken meat and more.

IMG_0709 IMG_0713


-Curry Mee-

Besides that, the big bowl of the yummy curry mee.. is very very delicious..Try them and tell wat u think.. is at the along the AIr Itam Market just opposite.. This is whereit is just opposite the Air Itam Market and there is the big big tree over dere.. Thats the stall picture there:


– Nyonya Curry Mee Stall-


Cheng Heong, Air Itam, Penang -Mee suah kor

19 03 2008

Mee suah kor is rarely found because not many stalls can quite cook it well. But this shop has very nice mee suah kor with fresh prawns and bits of fishes. Really worth the money and I would say, taste as good as the expensive Teow Chew Meng.

So, do make a trip to Cheng Heong for bak kut teh. Service is fast and friendly eventhough the dinner crowds filled both coffeeshops.

Sar poh Mee and Vermicelli

16 03 2008
Sar Poh Mee.. is another food that i had tried.. i went to Ayer itam was thinking to have a try of curry mee.. but i was late so .. at the end there is no longer curry mee.. so i had to get something else.. went to get something different.. ordered the sah poh mee while my parent ordered the vermicelli. The term rice vermicelli is often used to describe the thin rice noodles (米粉) popular in China, also known as bee hoon in Hokkien, mai fun in Cantonese, kyar-zun in Burmese and bún in Vietnamese. The term vermicelli may also refer to vermicelli made from mung bean, which is translucent when cooked, and can be differentiated from rice vermicelli, which turns whitish when cooked. Mung bean vermicelli is commonly used in Chinese cuisine. Conversely, 面线 (Hokkien: mee sua, Cantonese: min seen, Mandarin Chinese: mian xian) is vermicelli that is made of wheat instead of rice. While superficially similar to bee hoon it has a very different texture, and different culinary uses as well.Overall the food is very nice.


DSC00026 DSC00027

– SaR PoH mee-