Pizza Hut Sensasi delights

23 05 2008

There is a new promo on Pizza that had made me feel like going there to have a try on this new food.. Sensasi delights.. Wat can i say about this food? NOt really nice as i was expecting.. I ordered.. Curry chicken set as well as the Pizza.. the Pizza I ordered is Lime Chicken Pizza. makan Makan.. at the Giant Shopping Mall.. at where.. Bayan Lepas.. after shopping at there.

-The Tissue, the Fork, Spoon, and Knife-

Here comes my drinks… Pepsi.. is my drinks.. i never realize can refill one now.. Lucky Jun tell me.. or not i also dono.. they have refill so i din order so many cups.. haha

– Pepsi drink-

Em.. here comes the soup.. Today is the Mushroom soup.. very nice.. and yummy and today is better.. dono why.. I felt sometimes the food is nice sometimes not.. but today ok lo..

Thats the curry chicken rice.. OMG.. so small plate.. not the same.. as the booklet.. jus 2-3 pieces of chicken.. really not worth it..and the taste is not nice.

At last, the main one.. pizza.. the ingredients only a bit and the taste is not nice at all.. weird taste.

AT the end.. it comes the garlic bread.. not bad..

Taste: 2/5
Service: 2/5
Environment: 3/5


Pisang Goreng @ Bayan Lepas, Penang

20 04 2008


– Pisang Goreng-

Pisang Goreng (fried banana in Malay/Indonesian) is a snack food mostly found throughout Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

The Banana is battered and then deep fried. The fritters that result are often sprinkled with a cinamon sugar and occasionally served with fresh cream . The taste of it is not as nice at the chinese one..

Price: 10 fr RM 1

Taste: 2/5

2nd time Revisit – Temptation Sweet and Sour Chicken and Tom Yam Fried Rice

19 03 2008

Having lunch in office.. been everyday.. 5 days a week.. but these few days .. i tried nice yummy food from Temptation… though is a bit expensive but is worth it.. yummy..


– Sweet and Sour Chicken Rice-

This yummy sweet and sour chicken rice .. they include a mushroom soup and a drink for RM9.90.. in this u can enjoy a sweet and sour which is very yummy and de taste is wah.. i love them.. It is temptation ..

DSC00042 (2)

– Tom Yam Fried Rice-

Tom Yam fried rice is the same price and de taste is yummy as well… it is a bit spicy as there are little chilli paddy there.. so is consider.. overall nice!!!

Thai Sauce Chicken Rice fr Temptation

16 03 2008

Office makan again.. i am having this yummy food.. this nice one is Thai chicken rice from Temptation. The food in this shop is nice.. This set comes wif a mushroom soup as well as Ice Lemon Tea… jus fr RM9.90

I had taste many food from Temptation in Agilent office.. but i think many place still have temptation right? Not too sure.. but dining there is nice and de cakes too.

penang food

Chicken Rice

16 03 2008

Chicken rice is also one of the famous delights in Penang. Many places in Penang are selling yummy chicken rice. Some of the places i tried before is very nice. This includes in Greenlane, In bayan lepas as well in Pulau Tikus. Last week, i went to the food court opposite Peng Hua. The chicken rice not bad but a bit more expensive :)..Em, mosli it will come wif bits of beansprout, a soup, rice and chicken :p

– chicken rice Set-


– Inner View Of Chicken-


16 03 2008

Satay (spelled as sate in both Indonesian and Malay and the Netherlands) is a dish consisting of chunks or slices of dice-sized meat (chicken, goat, mutton, beef, pork, fish, etc.) on bamboo skewers. These are grilled over a wood or charcoal fire, then served with various spicy seasonings (depends on satay recipe variants).
Satay may have originated in Java or Sumatra, Indonesia, but it is also popular in many other Southeast Asian countries, such as: Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand, as well as in The Netherlands which was influenced through its former colonies.
Satay is a very popular delicacy in Indonesia, with a rich variety among Indonesia’s diverse ethnic groups’ culinary art (see Cuisine of Indonesia). In Indonesia, satay can be obtained from a traveling satay vendor, from a street-side tent-restaurant, in an upper-class restaurant, or during traditional celebration feasts. In Malaysia, satay is a popular dish – especially during celebrations – and can be found throughout the country. A close analog in Japan is yakitori. Shish kebab from Turkey and sosaties from South Africa are also similar to satay.
Although recipes and ingredients vary from country to country, satay generally consists of chunks or slices of meat on bamboo or coconut-leaf-spine skewers, grilled over a wood or charcoal fire. Turmeric is often used to marinate satay and gives it a characteristic yellow color. Meats used include: beef, mutton, pork, venison, fish, shrimp, squid, chicken, and even tripe. Some have also used more exotic meats, such as turtle, crocodile, and snake meat.
It may be served with a spicy peanut sauce dip, or peanut gravy, slivers of onions and cucumbers, and ketupat.
Pork satay can be served in a pineapple-based satay sauce or cucumber relish, to be eaten only by non-Muslims. I love Satayas from a few places. There is 2 satay stalls at RElau that attracts me as well another one will be in Teluk Kumbar ” HaU penG you”.. the one in Relau will be one is in opposite Pisa that is very nice.