Chicken Rice @ Chicken Rice Shop, Qbay Mall, Penang

29 07 2008

Chicken Rice shop is another place fr chicken rice.. but this chicken rice is said to high class chicken rice as the price is 2 times the price of the chicken rice in the local coffee shop as u will be paying for the environment haha.. I went there last week.. cause drolling around gurney plaza … dono wat to makan.. and at last make de decision of taking chicken rice.. The set come up to RM 13 ++ for a plate of chicken rice and a soup, a desert , a plate of tauge and a drink.. is consider ok lo.. but if u request drumstick RM 1 extra,. The price is kinda expensive and the taste is totally no QC.. hehe,, sometimes is nice and sometimes not .. haiz.. the taste is kinda not really fresh the chicken

Price : RM 13 ++

Taste: 2/5


Chicken Rice Shop Mango Kerabu

16 03 2008

Today afternoon suddenly thinking of makan Kerabu Mango.. actually thinking to go Food Loft but lazy walk up.. so ended in Chicken Rice Shop.. So ordered just Kerabu Mango since not hungry and we jus plan fr a chat .. and ordered some drinks.. em.. de Kerabu as usual is so nice.. but a bit expensive RM 8.00 and not enough fr me makan also.. haiz… but ok la once a while..

penang food

ChickeN rice ShoP..chicken Rice… very full

16 03 2008

em.. walking around qbay mall.. and finding some food to eat.. ended up my self in chicken rice shop.. as i cant find.. any places that is having nice and cheap price food.. Nearly bankrup after buying new hp K800i ( though is not a new model) as well.. spending fr KL Nicholas teo Upcoming concert and my upcoming trip to Sabah.. haix… wat a plan.. 😛

Went to chicken Rice shop aftr having my shopping wif my frens.. a gathering wif Form 2 classmate.. not have a chance to take a pic.. cause.. she say tday she not petty don take pic.. haha.. next time ya.. :P..

For about RM 12.. per person.. em .. have softdrinks, paitee.. and chicken fr sure come wif rice and bean sprout.. not least a dessert.. oh gosh is very very full.. haha..

Services is ok nia.. food normal as usual but the ppl working dere like don understand english.. haiz.. repeat many time..

Kerabu Mango fr Chicken Rice Shop

16 03 2008

Yesterday, i prepared this yesterday actually but left it in the fridge overnight cos I love it served cold. This sweet, sour and spicy dish has a strong Thai influence and the Nyonya sort of adapted it too. The main difference would be the Nyonya version is less spicy and slightly sweeter. Nevertheless it will still excite your taste buds and the coriander leaves providing the aromatic fragrant.

If you are considering having this appetizer to accompany your meal, do refrain from cooking other dishes with a similar taste like Sweet and Sour Fish. I find it goes well especially with Fried Chicken and Grilled Fish.

1 small Green Mango – skinned and shredded
5 ShallotsShallots
– sliced finely
10 CilipadiCilipadi
– sliced finely
1/2 CucumberCucumber
with soft centre removed – shredded
1/2 CarrotCarrot
– shredded

Seasoning Ingredients
3 tbsp Lime Juice
2 tbsp Sugar
1 tbsp Fish Sauce
1 tbsp Sesame Oil
Dash of pepper

Garnishing Ingredients
Coriander LeavesCoriander Leaves

Mint LeavesMint Leaves

1. Combine seasoning ingredients in a mixing bowl.
2. Stir in all shredded ingredients.
3. Place unto serving bowl and sprinkle garnishings.
4. Serve with any seafood curry meals, fried chicken or grilled fish.

Note: You may also use Grinded Peanuts for garnishing.

And if you lazy to make them, can get a try in Chicken Rice Shop, I tried it today is very yummy as well.. but a bit Spicy cause… too many chili paddies.


-KerabU ManGo-