Siang Hai Dim SUm Oriental Seafood

28 05 2008

This place is called Siang Hai situated at Abu Siti Lane.. and it is famous for its morning dim sum.. and while im the evening.. there also have dim sum as well as seafood in the afternoon.

There are many yummy food dere.. and u can get dim sum as well.. so can have seafood and dim sum as well.

– Dim SUm In Afternoon-

The dim sum is nice in the morning.. but in the afternoon is not that nice.. maybe is not fresh di.. cause it is left over from morning kua.. thats what i think … and this might be de reason.. cause there are not much varieties..

We ordered some” chu char” dere.. First come de ” Sah Poh Taufu” very nice.. and they have many ingrideients inside like mushroom, taufu and more.. the taste is not bad..rate is as 4/5

This is another is.. sayur goreng ” fried vege ” .. not bad.. for me.. i think is ok ..cause fr me .. i don really like vege.. so is not bad..

Another is kerabu chicken.. it is very nice.. but a bit spicy.. very nice and yummy.. Yummy.. and there are many chilly paddy.. ichiban.. i love the nice.. and yummy.. ichiban

Lastly is this one, oat prawn.. thats the nicest over all.. i can seldom find this in the stall.. and it is fresh and nice.. other than that, 6 prawns le.. big big one.. and nice and yummy.. u can taste the oat taste as well having nice nice yummy yummy ..hehe.. the presentation is nice too.. very nice.

Taste: 4/5 fr the seafood , dim sum @ nite is 1/5

Service: 1/5- de aunty seems like not willing to serve..

Price: RM 60..


New Cathay.. Hawkers delights

26 05 2008

Food again.. and this time is at the yummy place of makan at where at … New Cathay at Pulau Tikus.. wat i ordered.. is chicken rice. Not bad the taste and is worst.. and it is roast chicken.. the steam one.. finish de.. so no choice get the roast one. the taste is nice and the chicken is very nice to.. but the rice.. i think because it is jus cook.. not that nice.. a bit to starchy.. Overall is nice la.. since the chicken is nice and the chilies is ichiban.. hehe

Mum ordered this one.. is hor fan wantan.. wat she thinks.. the hor fan is soft but the wan tan is not at nice at last time.. It is say this stall wantan is make of little pork and a lot of fresh prawns but now no more.. hardly u can find prawns inside.. Thats because things price incereased.. no choice.. need to ” sook sui” a bit.. i tell mum..

Dad ordered this one.. Hokkien Mee.. where this stall had a been selling in many places and is quite famous.. it is claimed that this stall had sell in Singapore before..The taste is quite nice.. i tried a bit.. not bad..

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 2.70 fr each of the food

Place: New Cathay, Pulau Tikus, Penang. opposite.. Belissa Row

Lunch @ Sin Hup Aun , Pulau Tikus.

23 05 2008

In Sin Hup Aun Again… this coffeeshop i slocated along the Pulau tikus market where it is not only famous for the Western food but many other food as well. Yesterday, went there again to taste some other delicious food from there.. though i love the western food.. but i cant take dem .. huhu.. why.. soretroat.. lets see wat we ordered??

I ordered this one.. yeah.. is strawberry juice.. yummy rite? It is.. very yummy.. it is so cold.. and it is yummy as well.. just the strawberry.. not that much.. if more is nicer lo.. haha

Mummy ordered this one .. I love this… Jones Road..nice nice Mee Goreng.. but compare few years ago.. is not as good la.. but the taste is still ok lo..

It has taufu, squids, as well as many types of things inside.. and fried wif egg. The price is RM 3 per plate.. Yummy!!

Next is this one.. is Sa Poh Fan.. the taste is very nice .. not bad.. as the rice are cook well in the Sa pou.. and the taste is nice.. futhermore the chicken is quite fresh..

Lastly, i ordered this.. chicken.. but no i am not hungry.. The chicken is ok only.. not as nice as i expect it to be.. disappointment.. haiz.. RM 3 fr the chicken.

Taste: 3/5

Kenny Rogers @ Jusco, Ipoh

5 05 2008

Thinking to grab things from Jusco… so have my dinner in Jusco. I know i should try Perak delicious food but my mind drolling again.. jus have to think to eat in Jusco Kenny Roger Roasters… it has been my favorite 2 years ago… and i was thinking to try the one in ipoh.

Food is the same.. but service is real real good.. it is a very nice services given by the waitress as well as another one is the design was nice. i like dem too. Thats wat I love the most.

– Isn’t it nice and romantic??-

– Me in Kenny Roasters-

– Isn’t de design is nice??-

We ordered the food .. yeah.. wat i ordered.. 1/4 chicken wif 3 side lines and i had coselaw and 2 fruits salad while HY ordered beans, fruits salad and rice. So, yummy the dishes.. besides that, we also ordered chocolate blended and strawberry blended.. Mine chicken is black pepper flavor while HY is original flavor. Oh.. forgot muffin, one is banana and another is chocolate flavor

Lets look at the yummy food.

here it comes the banana and the chocolate flavor.. is hot and its look like jus baked from oven.. em the taste is so so yummy.

Here comes HY set. is 1/4 chicken wif the side lines.. rice, fruits and corns.. and the chicken is drumstick.. original taste..

Thats mine set, my favorite black pepper chicken wif 3 sidelines. And the side lines.. is 2 of it is fruits while 1 is coselaw. Is very very nice.. and yummy.. and they give me extra sauce.. thats so nice of them.. wifout me asking

And now come the drinks, Strawberry gal.. wat choosen drinks.. of course is strawberry ice blended.. is so so nice and yummy…

– Ice Blended Strawberry and Chocolate-

Thats my meal for the day… is so so yummy and worth it and the ice blended is superb.. especially the strawberry.. yummy

Food: 4/5

Price : RM 60

Service: 4/5

Nandos @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

25 04 2008

I had been crazy on Nandos fr neary 2 weeks and is time to go dere for makan again.. Nandos crazy.. I eat them.. today at last agfter complaining fr a week or two.. wat to do..

At last i took Nandos at where.. Queensbay Mall where it had been delighting me always.. services was great .. hehe.. So it was full packed today.. lucky was earli by a minute


– Peri Peri Sauce-

Nothing to do so took the pictures of the Peri Source- Tomato, Hot Peri, Extra Hot Peri and lastly is Ginger.. is real hot the sauce don play play … hahaha


-Fork & Spoon-

Oops they change their tissues… hehe.. not bad.. nice pattern as well.. and now Nandos is doing promo .. where customers fill in he QN A are entitled fr a free mushroom soup.. em.. so I do them.. is basically the management of the new stuff in nandos.. breakfast.. keke… so wat i had in Nandos .. wif Junee..

Wat’s nice?


-Mild Chicken set ( RM 16 wif a Ice Lemon Tea)-


Mild chicken set is one ..of my favorite.. it comes wif 2 side lines.. and what i ordered is coastlaw as well as peri fries.. hehe.. is very very nice..and hot.. with the sauce is very very very nice!!!


– Peri Set with rice and Potato-

Junee ordered … this one but is garlic flavor not very delicious though.. and is real yummy ..

Total bill – RM 34.00

Taste: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Environment : 3/5

Pandan Chicken @ Siam Express Queensbay Mall

22 04 2008
Thai Express .. is my first time in here Queensbay Mall one. I have been to the one in Gurney and is not bad… So i tried the same dish in Qbay.. is also nice. but the service is a bit poor. The only different is instead i order money bag I ordered pandan chicken and the taste is as well superb and yummy. I love them.. nice.

– Pandan Chicken-

The pandan chicken is fully havng de pandan smells on it and the chicken is also very fresh..

Service : 2/5
Food: 3/5

Chicken Rice Shop, Warisan Square@ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

9 04 2008

-The Menu –

If u wan have nice yummy chicken rice in KK, never think u can get them in chicken rice shop dere. The chicken rice shop really yucks.. is totally no QC.. hehe.. use Quality Control lagi.. even the coffee shop one is nicer.. haiz.

– The Chicken-

Why not nice.. em.. too salty.. i dono if they use salt to cook de chicken ar.. BUt very salty and de service really teruk.. haiz… poor poor poor…Where is it..?? Too much complain forget tell u guys de place.. is in Warisan Square just opposite de Public Bank of Centre Point, KK..

Thats wat my sis order.. CNY special wor.. i am wondering CNY so long still have… er..So overall is thimb downs

Price: RM 20 for 2
Food: 1/5
Service: 1/5
Environment: 2/5