CARRY Mee @ Fan Wah, Sg Long

17 07 2008

Having my breakfast again in Fan wah, Daddy had dis,,this CARRY MEE.. is kinda special store name.. is curry mee actually .. the curry mee soup is like curry chicken taste. Is not the same as the one I have in Penang . Here the curry mee… is a bit special where the ingredients they are not the same as in Penang where in Penang comes with shrimps and all,.. but there they come with chicken, long beans and some prawns nia.. abit weird.. but maybe that’s the style of KL curry mee.. is a very very big bowl… cant finish .. is RM5

Taste: 3/5

Price: RM5


Curry Mee, Chicken Rice @ Man Wah, Greenlane

24 05 2008

Cari makan again.. is kinda a few days ago.. when on the way back home.. thinking of makan, and we went to this coffee shop (MAN WAH) behind Genting coffeeshop along Lorong Delima 11. This place is mosly pack wif people at about 6-7 pm at night.. and that day.. mum and dad was thinking to taste some food there..

Mum ordered Chicken rice and she told me the chicken rice is superb and i ordered one to.. not the rice.. but just the chicken.. The chicken is real nice and when u taste it, the chicken is well steamed at the right tempreature.. ichiban.. as well it is extremly delicious.. Ichiban.. Price is RM 3.50

Dad ordered curry mee.. it don look nice.. but dad says is ok.. but not worth it.. cause is expensive RM4. .. fr a big bowl.. with just a shrimp, and also a fishball and some seashells.. is expensive in Penang.. but taste wise.. is ok only.. i tasted a bite of it.. fr me i think the taste is ok.. coz i still love Air Itam Curry Mee.. haha

Curry Mee- 3/5; Chicken: 4/5
Price: RM4 Fr curry Mee and Chicken is RM 3.50

The place in Black dot

Nyonya Curry Mee @ AIr Itam Market, Penang

1 05 2008

yummy yummy yummy… I had my favorite Nyonya curry mee again from Air Itam market.. is so so so yummy… i love it because is nice because the quality is good as well the prawns. Other than that, it is a bit different from the normal curry mee. Why is that so?? It is because the curry mee is a bit lemak and have it is not only can put normal curry mee stuff which is prawns and shrimps.. but as well as chicken meat and more.

IMG_0709 IMG_0713


-Curry Mee-

Besides that, the big bowl of the yummy curry mee.. is very very delicious..Try them and tell wat u think.. is at the along the AIr Itam Market just opposite.. This is whereit is just opposite the Air Itam Market and there is the big big tree over dere.. Thats the stall picture there:


– Nyonya Curry Mee Stall-

Curry Mee opposite Peng Hua School

25 04 2008


This curry mee.. is quite famous among the Penangtist as well .. but for me.. the taste is just as normal as it is .. is not really special than the AIr Itam Market Curry Mee below the tree one.. I still like dere..

Though the taste is not bad.. and is quite expensive. With just not 2 prawns.. it cost RM 4 for that.. wau.. swt.. i took a real nice one in Air Itam for just RM 3 and tats superb Curry Mee

TAste: 3/5
Price: RM 4
Environment : 2/5

Curry Mee @ New Cathay, Pulau Tikus, Penang

24 04 2008

In Penang, i think there are many nice curry mee stalls but the one I love the most is still Air Itam Nyonya Curry Mee where i will go for it one month once.. haha.. Other places won attract me much.. and a not bad … can say quite nice curry mee.. is at the New Cathay at Pulau Tkus. Is located along Jalan Burmah and Lorong Kuching and is open from Monday til Saturday from early morning till afternoon about 2 pm.
Curry Mee there will finish earlier.. about 12 pm.. i grab a bowl of curry mee.. and the taste is not bad.. The curry noodles here is slightly different. The squid used here has been fried with chili paste before serving on the bowl. This enhances the fragrance and attracts non-squid-lover like me.
Price: RM 3.00- RM 4.00
Taste: 4/5

Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee @ Anson Road

23 03 2008

Food again in the afternoon.. en.. wat I take again in the afternoon.. haiz.. is my tea break.. was in town today fr food.. so as well we spend ourself in town findin more makan since is a holiday.. So, I and dad and mum headed to Anson Road for a yummy food..


– That’s de Coffee Shop-

It is along Anson Road.. and all yummy food are dere.. Ok.. wat the coffee shop name.. em.. Xin He Cafe.. So, they have 3 main food dere thats de Koay Teow Th’ng, Penang Laksa as well as the Curry Mee.. is all so yummy and the Curry Mee is from the Lorong Seratus Tahun.. hmm.. i never notice dat the stall in Lorong Seratus Tahun

Ok.. let see hows the yummy food..


– Penang Assam Laksa-

Here comes de Laksa.. hmm.. de laksa is not bad .. but if compared wise I still prefer the one in Greenlane.. tats nicer.. but this one is not bad.. still have de laksa taste.. Daddy ordered curry mee.. the curry mee a bit special cause you take de chillies by your self..Hmmm.. isn’t that weird..So, it will come wif a plain one.. and its not too yummy when u see dem.. but after u taste dem wif the chillies.. wah.. is real nice

IMG_2076 IMG_2078

– The Chilies and the Curry Mee-

Lastly is de Koay Teow.. is yummy and cheap.. we ordered a small bowl which is just RM2.. em.. as the taste is as great.. yummy .. all over the food in this shop is nice.. should be recomended. 🙂


– The Koay Teow-


Cheap and yummy Penang Nyonya Curry Mee

16 03 2008

Penang curry noodles is serve with cube of pig’s blood jelly, squid, cockles, prawns, bean sprouts, toufu puff and of course the delicious curry gravy. Some places have additional toppings such as curry chicken. And with a handful of fresh mint leaves on top, it makes the perfect blend of Penang very own curry mee.

Believe me; curry noodle is best eaten when it’s hot and spicy. So, don’t be shy to ask for more chili and prepare yourself with some tissue paper to wipe out the sweat coming from your face.Penang curry noodles is available almost everywhere in Penang with each place have their own recipe and special appeal.

A bowl of curry noodles normally cost about RM2.00 to RM3 and can get up to RM6 for additional topping of prawn, cuttlefish and others ingredients.One of the famous place for curry noodles lovers in Penang will be at in the Air Itam Market.This place has become so famous in Penang that it has come to be regarded Penang very own curry mee. This place are well known and sometimes the seat will be fully occupied but trust me, the wait will be worthwhile.


Taste: 5/5

Price : RM 2.00 and AbOVE