Strawberry Aloe Vera @ Kim Gary Gurney Plaza, Penang

13 04 2008

I had a nice drink from Kim Gary as is a delighting one.. the taste is so nice and is refreshing.. is blended wif pure strawberries as u can see slices of strawberries inside de drink wif bit aloe vera. the taste is nice overall but jus a bit expensive RM 5.90 per drink.. wat u think??


– Strawberry Aloe Vera-


Drinks in Asmosfere@ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

11 04 2008

Asmosphere is nice .. a place for people to get a good view on the whole Sabah..nice view and nice place to drink and eat.. but a bit expensive. It is a rotating restorant at Yayasan Sabah.. can consider the tallest building in Kota Kinabalu kua.. But is real nice environment dere..

One of it, is de nice view.. a nice scenary and more.. wat i love also.. a lot of things to see and nice furnitures… very colorful but expensive.. cant afford everytime.. keke .. Let us see the nice view inside.. the restorant

– The Restorant Inside View-

Wat I ordered…

1. Latte.. – a special awaking latter come with garlic bread.. is totally awaking according to Darrel when he tasted them…

– Awaking Latte-

2. Lime Juice- Thats wat i ordered.. and is purely lime.. very sour.. they come wif a cup of sugar where u can pour dem according to ur needs and wants.. is yummy and nice..

– Lime Juice-

3. Asmosphere Special- tats wat my sis ordered.. is a blended drinks wif fruits.. and i can taste banana taste there.. pretty weird.. but the taste is quite special.

Overall the bill for 3 drinks is bout RM 40.. expensive rite??

i think so.. once a while ok la

Taste: 4/5

Environment: 5/5

Service: 4/5

Strawberry Juice @ Kundasang, Sabah

10 04 2008

Is not just Cameron Highlands able to get Strawberry juice .. and now u can have dem in Kundasang.. haha.. how can Strawberry Gal resist strawberry.. When on the way down from Kinabalu Park, we stop dere and have a cup of strawberry juice..

– The Environment inside-

The taste is not bad.. and is nice.. but I am late so no more fresh fresh berries fr me.. left jus dried one.. so … i think better camaron.. anytime strawberries.. keke

– The Nice View-

i love it… the juice is not as nice as cameron as well.. still like cameron.. very nice.. ๐Ÿ˜›

– The Stall-

– The Beautiful nice Strawberry-

But overall is nice… jus to compare de one in cameron more nicer.. keke

Juice UP @ Warisan Square, KK, Sabah

8 04 2008

Juice Up at Warisan Square in Kota Kinabalu is a local juice bar, similar in concept to Juice Works, which is popular in Kuala Lumpur.

Juice Up is difficult to miss where it sits underneath the escalator in the mall area of Warisan Square, surrounded by bright red strawberries plastered on the escalator overhead, and the vivid greens, orange, yellow and reds from the fruits lining the fridges.

– The Menu-

– The Store-

With a line-up of pure juices, juices mixed with low fat milk, juices mixed with sorbet or smoothies, Juice Up caters to the on-the-go crowd who wants a pick-me up, but are looking for an alternative to coffee. A range of speciality mixes can either boost your appetite, encourage weight loss, provide an energy boost or calm you down. It seems there is a combination of fruit to suit every mood.

Prices start from around RM5.80 for juice mixes and go upwards to RM7.90 for elaborate concoctions, which feature skimmed milk, honey, sorbet or sometimes all of the above. Portions are reasonable and are served to go, but feel free to linger by the juice-bar in the colourful surroundings.

When youโ€™re up, or down, feeling bloated or hungry, to soothe your mood and replenish your reserves, drop by for a squeeze of fruit at Juice Up in Warisan Square.

Drink 1: Mango + Soursoap.. em.. when u first taste them is not really nice.. but if u sips dem a few time u felt that the taste is real nice and incredible.. yummy.. RM6.90 as well the taste is nice.. Worth it

– Soursoup + Mango Juice-

Drink 2: Avagadro Choc.. Is totally not nice.. Maybe is because of the choc.. is so bitter and i could not finish dem… even though i am a big fans of Avagadro.. Gosh.. RM 6.90 for that.. em.. wat a waste

– Avagadro Choc –

Place: Warisan Square below the escalator opposite sox

Taste: 2/5

Price: Expensive

Service: 3/5

Vanila Latte, Teh Tarik Ais, Kaya Bread @ San Francisco Coffee, Warisan Square, Sabah

6 04 2008

In a brand new mall that had open last year, I manage to visit them in my trip dere for this time. There are many brand new shops that from Peninsular starts to open dere. I had tried the SF Coffee as well.. a meet wif my room mate fr year 1, Koh on de first day dere.

Wat we had.. em.. very nice environment place.. having Vanilla Latte.. and den.. we also ordered Kaya Toast as well. Food is not as nice comparable to Coffee Bean and StarBucks Latte. I still prefer Starbucks. The Latte is not creamy enough and de vanilla taste is a bit not too nice. .

Environment wise.. the place is great… and service is nice too.. so let me share some pic on food and environment

– The Beautiful Lightings-

– The Ordering Counter-

– You can see de time in SF and KK-

-Me and Koh-

The Food

– The Vanila Latte ( RM 12.90 (medium)) as well as the Teh Tarik Ais( RM 5.90)-

– The Kaya Toast ( RM 5.95)-

Food: 2/5

Environment: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Easy Way- Yummy Lemon Magic Jelly and HoneyDew Pearl Tea @ Tmn. Kingfisher, Sabah

6 04 2008

It has been a long long time i desire a nice magic lemon jelly juice and it has been 2 years din taste them. back to Sabah.. and i at last have to go for it.. hehe. Where I had tat.. at Kingfisher my usual 3 years

– The drinks and food choices-

It had given me a lot of memories … during my 3 years in UMS. The place we chated.. the things we had together, the place we share our thoughts and all.. it give me lots of memories as well as the place we studies together… Carolynn, Siew Leng, Koh,Chun, Michael, Anson and more…

Talking on the food.. is real nice.. the juice is real nice.. and you can add various of different types of jellies, pearls and more.. up to u.. and there are different choices of flavor to choose… some nice one is the pure pearl tea as well as honey dew pearl tea.. one of my favorites includes lemon magic jelly because it is sour and able to awake u when u r too sleepy. One word.. nice and yummy

– Lemon Magic Jelly Juice-

Honey Dew Pearl Tea-

Price- RM 2.00- RM 3.00 fr drinks. ( reasonable)

Taste- 4/5

Environment – 3/5

Service- 4/5


Sugar Cane Drink

17 03 2008

Sugar cane

Sugar cane.. is being one of the favorite drinks in Malaysia due to the hot weather in this country.. and now there are not many people are selling sugar cane juice.. I had been seaching for many places for sugar canes juice..I found one today at the Batu Lanchang Market food court. It really attracts many people ordering them.. ๐Ÿ™‚