Yummy Food @ Chopstick@ Midvalley

9 07 2008

Actually our main plan is to go for Kim Gary but is real pack .. and so many people queing that had made me ended my self to this restorant. This one .. Chopstick Noodles. A Tai Thong group of restaurants. This restaurant is setup to promote chinese noodles for Tai Thong restaurants. The service was superb.. when we jus walk in.. they greet us wif manners and serve us real good.. though there are quite many customers. They served us wif sweet smile J

So, we had our sit and we are being served with menus.. We ordered 2 wantan mee plain cost us RM1.50 per bowl.. is reasonable price as well as 1 rice.

We ordered a plate of bbq pork and bbq duck and a sui kau (dumpling) soup plus a pork chop rice. The mee and the soup is supperb nice..and the duck is fresh..and you bite on it is juicy as well.. love it. It is also very juicy for the bbq pork as well and most important thing not so oily and not hard.. haha

As for me, I extremly love the dumplings. The dumplings is real big like the size of the 50 cents coints.. where u need to bite several times.. and is juicy. Other than that, you can find fresh small shrimps inside as well.. em.. that’s real oishi.. hehe.. the pork rice .. em.. is nice as well.. but for me.. I don take much of pork.. so not much comment lo.. Overall the food is nice.. and temptating.. as well having a good service.. that’s real good..

The bills come out to be RM 88.00 nice number .. haha.. and they give us a coupon.. with every RM 200 eating dere.. u entitled for a RM 50 dicount. So, just chop them till u get the free RM 50 voucher. Each chop is RM 20

Location: Mid Valley

Address : Lot G(E) 009, Ground Floor, Mid Valley

Contact No : 03-29383311

Business Hour : 10am to 10pm daily


Hong Kong Rest: Pei Par Arp at Mc Callister Road

12 06 2008

eating again.. where about this time.. food temptatin .. and time i try this Pei Pah Arp.. is actually lor duck and this stall is located at the Mc Callister Road just opposite petrol station at the Hong Kong Restorant. Is the same road as the Famous Town steamboat restorant.. jus the opposite site

The Pei Pa Arp is nice.. but one thing is a bit expensive lo.. RM 8.50 fr quarter duck and they don sell like the chicken rice shop style.. so if u wan, u wan to order rice and duck.. and it will cost u about RM 9 – 10.. Overall the duck is nice and the taste is fabolous. Ichiban .. i love is so so much.. yummy yummy

Price: RM 9-10
Taste: 4/5

King Hu Restaurant @ Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

9 04 2008

For dinner, we went to King Hu Restaurant, which is famous for Beijing Duck! A plate of duck, few popiah skins, sauces, and daun bawang. Put them altogether onto the popiah skin… and you will get Beijing Duck!

– The Beijing Duck-

-The Popiah Skin-

– The Duck wif the Popiah Skin wif the sauce-

This is wat you add them together when u eat wif the Beijing Duck.. The shop is around the Tanjung Aru.

– Ostrich fried chilies-

Recomended by frens this is nice as well, and de taste of theostrich is similar like taking pork.. but i din take much.. it is also the signature dish of the shop.. it seems many people ordered them as well .. hmmm..

– Cold Pork-

Is also de famous dish .. comes wif the soup.. de’ pork is cold one.. and u need to dip dem into the soup.. but we din do that.. cause de soup taste is kinda weird.. so we jus take de pork jus like dat.. is nice..

– Taufu cook wif Chilies-
Recomended by frens this is nice as well, and de taste is incredible ichiBAN.. is taufu .. but never called Japanese Taufu.. cause de taste is weird.. The local one is nice.. not the japanese one.. everyone says dat..

– Fried Long Beans-

I din really take much of long beans.. the taste is ok and a bit too much ajinamoto.. so for me .. i don really take much. Overall, the food taste is ok.. but we is out one thing de mantou… cause is sold out.. thats de speciality of de restorant

Price: ABout RM 150 for 9 people

Food Taste: 4/5

Service: 2/5

Environment: 2/5


Duck Meat base Koay Teow Th’ng

16 03 2008
If you are thinking of having delicious Koay Teow Th’ng, there are many place to have it.. one of the places I love besides Hutton Lane one is Soon Yee Coffee Shop Koay Teow Th’ng. This one is situated at the “Indian Market” along Jalan Penang.

The base.. is duck meat.. so it real nice not like many the soup base is chicken soup. 🙂 So, i love it..

penang food penang food

– Yummy Duck Meat Koay Teow Th’ng-