Hongkie @ E-Gates, Penang

14 04 2008

Food again… Today I was temptated of having cheese baked rice after HP tell me how nice is it.. I search on the web and many claims that the Hongkie baked rice is nicer than Kim Gary that made me feel like … Oh gosh.. how can i resist them.. tat should be very nice.. since i love Kim Gary so much..


– The Place Environment-

The place environment very good… cozy and the palce setting is so relaxing and organized.. and it also seperated smooking and non – smooking as well. Thats de best of all!


– The RED menu-

Much believing, when i reach dere.. not much people today.. so de sevice is good. Em.. i swap through the menu and saw many funny funny names which caught my attention together wif the price.. is cheaper than Kim Gary a lot.. so i was trying to give a try is it as nice as Kim Gary ??

– The Menu-

The set is quite cheap .. RM13.90 for a set wif drinks and food.. nice ..there are many to choose as well.. and the name is so funny ” We Strive , You drive” and ” Jungle Book” and all.. It really attracted me to choose wat i wan eat ..

Let see wat i ordered.. I ordered Juicy Pork Fillet wif Cheese Baked Rice. It include a soup to choose.. pepper mushroom soup.. and I choose to have Yin Yong ( Combination of Tea and Coffee)


– Yin Yong Cha-

em.. the Yin Yong is really KAU.. is really taste nice and teh taste very pure. Better tahn many places i took include Kim Gary and Wong KOk.. and some places in Sabah.. haha.. Good..!!!


– The Yummy Soup-

As i am not firm to love soup… so I din take dem.. but HP say is not bad.. so I think is recomended kua.. hehe.. no comments of soup.. haha..

Thats wat I ordered , Hereit comes Juicy Pork Fillet wif Cheese Baked Rice… the appearance looks great and for me .. oh gosh is a big portion… i think of ” HOW Can I finish dem??” .. haiz.. but the taste is real great .. if u are a cheese lover u should love it.. The cheese in it is real lots and the taste is real nice.. this is where can feel the stingy cheese and the pure cheese melts in your mouth wif a bite… mmm… It really melts and the best thing is it has lot of cheese.. is more than u eat Pizza Hut or even Kim Gary.. and the taaste is better than Kim Gary. Portion is real big .. can eat for two.. haha.. is nice .. ONe word.. ICHIBAN.. HO CHIAK!!


– The Cheezzzy Rice-


– The Inner View ON the Cheezzy Rice-

And HP ordered something special as well.. the name is quite funny too… Sorry, No Sound Effect for This.. hehe.. funny name.. is a spagetthi seafood… is real real look nice.. and is also claimed is very delicous.. It have big big clams and prawns… nice right and the price is quite reasonable RM8.50.. em,, wat u think.. fr big clams and prawns.. hehe


-Sorry, No Sound Effect for This-

Overall the food is very nice and yummy.. and teh service not bad.. Good overall..and the price is ok.. a lunch for two.. a set of cheese rice and a spagethi wif a soup and two drink is just RM 26.30

Food: 5/5

Service: 4/5

Environment: 4/5


Burger from Subway @ E-Gate, Penang

27 03 2008

Subway.. I tried once when I am in Dell.. where our team won some contest so we are entitled fr makan Subway.. thats my first time.. and today.. i want to have Subway again.. yummy..cause my mood not really good.. when my mood is not good… i will start makan and makan… so have makan many things today.. i will post one by one.. when i am free.. Need to pack up to KL.. so will not have updates.. for this 2-3 days.. till i back to Penang.

Em.. this is de one i eat .. is real expensive a burger cost me RM 10… imagine.. haha.. but is real nice la.. yummy..