Chicken Rice, Koay Teow Th’ng, Ais Kacang @ Keat Seng, Penang Road , Penang

29 07 2008

Went to Kat Seng again.. and this time we took this few nice yummy food.. Though is kinda hard to get a parking there but it would not resist me to go dere and again.. is kinda an old shop along Penang Road .. but the food there is quite nice.. One of the famous food is also it chicken rice..and I grab a plate of it fr sure.. how can Strawberry Gal resist nice chicken rice as it is one of her favorites. The chicken is quite smooth even though is not chicken drumstick and is not salty cause they will put the soya souce on the chicken… and the taste is incredibly nice..It cost me RM3.50 per plate

Dad and Mum ordered the Koay Teow Thng. The Koay Teow Th’ng is cook bowl by bowl.. so u need some patience to wait for it and mosly those Koay Teow Thng which is cooked this way will taste nicer than usual. The koay teow is kinda smooth and they put the fishball and some chicken slices inside .. and overall the taste is not bad with additional on some vege..

Lastly, Mum ordered the AIs Kacang, It is said that the ais kacang is one of the famous one in Penang .. so is a must to try wor.. but for me.. maybe I don like too sweet stuff. The ais kacang was kinda too sweet but the taste is not bad.. Worth to grab a try ,,


Chicken Rice: RM3.50

Koay Teow Thng : RM3

Ais Kacang : RM 3

Taste: Overall 4/5


Pak Hock Nasi Ayam

4 07 2008

I am crazy of Chicken rice nowadays… and my dad recommended me this one.. Kedai Kopi Pan Hock Nasi Ayam.. along the town @ Jalan Pati Tali. It is claimed as one of the famous chicken rice..for decades.. but for me.. I don think it is nice. It might be very very nice.. at the past ..ok let see.. the taste is moderate not nice till I can claim is real oishi.. The chicken is freshly cooked and quite cheap. Half chicken is RM11. Is kinda cheap now.

The chicken is not that smooth but is nice as well.. moderate taste and the service is nice.. the uncle is real professional in IT stuff as well as cutting the chicken. So pro le.. haha.

Taste: 3/5
Price: RM 20 include drinks and lo bak
Service: 4/5

Koay Teow Th’ng @ Soon Yuen Coffeeshop, Penang

24 06 2008

LOve Koay Teow?? This shop is located at Chowrasta Market at the town.. and this coffeeshop is located is also famous fr many many food.. like chee cheong fun and many other choices.

One of my favorite Koay Teow Thng where u can have nice koay teow as well as the fresh home made fish ball.. so nice and yummy.. besides that, u can order many types of other rest of the food dere.. like duck meat.. and other nice stuff… like this one.. my parents love it.. but not me..

Taste: 4/5

Pure Durian Ice cream @ Kek Seng, Penang

18 06 2008

Love Ice creams… i love durian ice creams as well.. i had tried many place durian ice cream but this is really different from many places.. cause is really pure ice cream that have pure durian smells dere.. when u taste eat u can taste the real durian taste like u are eating durian.. one bad thing it melts real fast.. so u better order after ur food.. or not u jus get durian water only..

Taste them and let me know.. oh ya.. where is this coffeeshop..Oh it is Kek Seng Coffeshop.. located opposite Komtar.. where u can see de old houses dere.. it is famous fr many local delicious food… try them let me know.

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 2

Soya Milk Drink @ Chowrasta Market, Penang

17 06 2008

Do u love.. this one… yummy and nice soya milk drink.. i found one in Chowratsa market. The little stall along the Chowrasta market is real nice and the stall has been dere for nearly 10 – 20 years. The taste of the soya milk is fresh and it is cheap as well. Just RM 0.60 if u drink dere.. nice and yummy

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 0.60

Koay Teow Thng at Hutton Lane

23 05 2008

This coffee shop is famous for its Koay Teow Thng as my dad is one of their oftenly visit customer. I had tasted teh yummy Koay teow Thng buy me .. i am always in diet plan.. i always skip de koay teow but just take the fish ball.. thats the only things i love the most.. The fishballs are not like others but it is made by the owner it self … and it has more fish kua.. haha

– Fish Ball Soup-

Isn’t it special?? it is ..RM3 for a bowl.. how nice to have this when it is raining or early morning.Here comes the “main course” which is the Koay Teow Thng. We asked for extra ingredients and the person was so kind to put in so many extra stuff like fish balls, meat, pig intestines. Guess what, so much and it’s all for RM3.50 per bowl. It’s very good deal and thats my dad will say” ICHIBAN”.. and “oishi” haha

– Koay Teow Thng-

Oh.. ya.. the place is mosly pack wif people.. you have to wait for seats sometimes because it’s always full unless you are lucky.