Pizza Hut Sensasi delights

23 05 2008

There is a new promo on Pizza that had made me feel like going there to have a try on this new food.. Sensasi delights.. Wat can i say about this food? NOt really nice as i was expecting.. I ordered.. Curry chicken set as well as the Pizza.. the Pizza I ordered is Lime Chicken Pizza. makan Makan.. at the Giant Shopping Mall.. at where.. Bayan Lepas.. after shopping at there.

-The Tissue, the Fork, Spoon, and Knife-

Here comes my drinks… Pepsi.. is my drinks.. i never realize can refill one now.. Lucky Jun tell me.. or not i also dono.. they have refill so i din order so many cups.. haha

– Pepsi drink-

Em.. here comes the soup.. Today is the Mushroom soup.. very nice.. and yummy and today is better.. dono why.. I felt sometimes the food is nice sometimes not.. but today ok lo..

Thats the curry chicken rice.. OMG.. so small plate.. not the same.. as the booklet.. jus 2-3 pieces of chicken.. really not worth it..and the taste is not nice.

At last, the main one.. pizza.. the ingredients only a bit and the taste is not nice at all.. weird taste.

AT the end.. it comes the garlic bread.. not bad..

Taste: 2/5
Service: 2/5
Environment: 3/5


M&M Chocolates @ Giant

25 04 2008


Chocolate fever.. back.. spotted tats in Giant as well.. wat’s dat is from M&M .. special edition chocolate by M&M.. wats de different.. is dark chocolate.. em.. the taste is not that nice compared to the normal M&M i took … i still love the pure M& M

Price : RM 2.40
Taste: 2/5

Dried Strawberry @ Giant

25 04 2008


Wanna try dried strawberries but you are not in Cameron. You can try them by buying the packets one from the supermarket. Though the taste is not as nice as the strawberry u bought from Cameron highlands.. but for me.. er .. maybe no way i am buy them even i desire.. but at last i bought dem.. also haha

The taste is weird.. and abit like tipu punya strawberry don know la. My dad is is not fr me is taste like too too weird.. hehe.. and not nice , nOt fully recomended. Found them during my shopping in Giant

Price: RM 4.80
Taste: 1/5

99 cents ice cream from Kings @ Giant, Penang

31 03 2008

I am down wif cough for a couple of weeks.. and is now fully recover and my craziness on ice cream is back.. I love Ice creams.. yummy.. and that day i pass by the Giant supermarket in bayan lepas was having sale on ice cream.. 99 cents.. wau.. is jus 99 cents and u can grab a nice yummy ice cream to ur mouth.. worth it right?

I had my yummy ice cream from Kings at the Giant Supermarket and having a three flavour, peanut sealed wif chocolates… vanila and strawberry inside.. em.. overall this ice cream is worth for the price of it!!hehe.. TRy them


– Thats de ice cream packing-


– The inside view of the yummy ice creams-