Mocha Ice Cream

18 08 2008

Nice ice cream.. i have yummy ice cream at Mc Donalds. Mc Donalds released the 5 flavour ice cream which are mocha, strawberry, lemon and all.. but this time i took this yummy mocha capochino ice cream.. real oishi.. love it so much..

The taste is not too sweet.. ngam ngam.. a bit bitter.. and really nice.. oishi.. and is cheap.. which is RM 1.90

Price: RM 1.90
Taste: 4/5


Korean BBQ- BBQ Chicken, Gurney Plaza, Penang

24 06 2008

Have BBQ Chicken.. Nice!! Osihi des.. i ordered this nice yummy one Korean BBQ nice and not very oily.. other than that, it is nice and yummy one.. the chicken not oily and is two drumstick .. and its boneless..haha.. thats wat i love the most..

Other than that, the coselaw is nice and the potato is also nice.. and is fresh.. i love the taste.. and not that spicy as well.. teh BBq smell is strong..and u can love the taste..em.. service.. not really good.. and not much sitting spaces lo.

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 14
Service: 3/5

Sate Sauce @ Chopper Board

15 06 2008

Sate Sauce Chicken is one of the nice and the yummy Chopper Board. The taste is very nice and not very hot. Em.. the chicken is quite fresh and the sate sauce is very nice. Yummy Yummy… Other than that, the service is also very good.. and they are very nice as well. 🙂 If you ordered a set, it comes with a ginseng tea as well.. It is located at Queensbay. They have another branch in Gurney Plaza.

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 5.90/set

Kim Gary French Toast

15 06 2008

Kim Gary is famous fr many of its yummy food.. one of them is its French Toast. Yummy Yummy..everytime I am dere i will never resist the yummy french toast from there.. The french toast inside is butter and peanut butter.. and being toasted..and add a pinch of butter as well as honey on it. The taste is very very nice and when eaten it very hot.. the taste if even nicer and yummy yummy 🙂

Taste: 5/5
Price: RM4.50
Service: 3/5

Missy Donut @ Gurney Plaza

15 06 2008

Missy donuts had been open widely in Penang.. it had opened for nearly few months in Penang.. but i din try them yet till today.. i grab some of the flavors in Missy.. em.. wat i can say is there are not much choices compared to Big Apple, or Dunkins donuts.. the taste overall is not bad.. i bought 6 donuts of different flavors costing me about M 12-RM 13.. the price is ok and the taste is not bad.. just don have a lot of choices of it 😦 They should have more choices .. i think so.. haha.. so i can go fr more.. since less choice.. em.. mostly not lo.. and the bun taste not as nice as Dunkins as well.. haiz…oh ya.. their branches at Gurney Plaza, and one in Queensbay Mall

Price: RM 2- RM2.50 per donut
Taste: 3/5
Service: 3/5

Kim Gary Vege Meat Rice at Gurney Plaza, Penang

11 06 2008

Kim Gary again… and my usual place fr everythin i love.. today.. a bit busy kua.. and service is not as good as usual.. but still ok la.. wat we ate is jus this one.. my lunch of a day.. vege chau fan wif meat .. not bad and the taste is nice.. It has this nice well cooked corns and slices pork is nice.. Yummy..

Taste: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Price : RM 8.00

Fu Yong Chau Fan & Nai Cha fr Kim Gary, Gurney Plaza, Penang

20 05 2008

Kim Gary is my favorite.. the place i think i go dere nearly every week.. thats why i love them so much.. Wat i love the most.. one of it is the Nai cha.. i ordered the hot Nai Cha and XY ordered the cold one.. and that is the most famous and favorite Nai Cha.. yummy..

– Cold Nai Cha-

– Hot Nai Cha-

Lastly, i ordered this one… i haven taste before.. so I ordered this one.. Egg Rice… or is call Fu Yong Chau Fan.. from the look it don taste nice.. but after makan is not bad and nice.. is yummy .. RM8.90 fr tat.. too full di.. today no more French Toast

Taste: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: RM8.90 ( Fu Yong Chau Fan) ; RM2.80 ( Nai Cha)