Pure Durian Ice cream @ Kek Seng, Penang

18 06 2008

Love Ice creams… i love durian ice creams as well.. i had tried many place durian ice cream but this is really different from many places.. cause is really pure ice cream that have pure durian smells dere.. when u taste eat u can taste the real durian taste like u are eating durian.. one bad thing it melts real fast.. so u better order after ur food.. or not u jus get durian water only..

Taste them and let me know.. oh ya.. where is this coffeeshop..Oh it is Kek Seng Coffeshop.. located opposite Komtar.. where u can see de old houses dere.. it is famous fr many local delicious food… try them let me know.

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 2


Cocunut Ice Cream

19 05 2008

have u ever tried coconut ice creams.. i love cocunut ice creams.. and i had tried from many places.. some are too sweets.. some taste not that nice.. and this is de best of all that i tried.. coconut ice cream..at the Wat Chaiyamangkalaram. This ice cream is incredibelly nice.. where the ice cream taste is superb and u can add nuts, atache and corn on it.. As for me, I just put Groundnut as usual. The price is RM 2 fr the big cup .. hehe .. The stall only open.. on public holidays and Sat and Sun..

– Cocunut Ice Cream-

Taste- 5/5

Price: RM 2.00

Durian Ice Cream @ Perak Cave, Perak

9 05 2008

There is a small stall at Perak Cave that attracts me with one thing that is de ice cream. The ice creams dere was real delicious.. is might just be a normal ice cream.. a durian flavor ice cream for only RM0.60 per scoop.. cheap right? i am not aware of this ice cream since haven been taken them for the last 4-8 years ago.. so for me it might be cheap.. and it is so so yummy.. hehe

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 0.60

Baskin 31 Robbins Yum Yum Ice Cream @ Qbay Mall, Penang

7 04 2008

How would u can resist a yummy nice ice cream.. a special and delicious ice cream from Baskin 31 Robbins.. it is great to have them wif 31% discount.. but I took dem wifout discount.. Any way is real nice.. wat i scoop in..Yummy..

Choice NO 1: Rum and Raisins… a must in Baskin 31 Robbins..
Choice NO 2: My Favorite Peppermint
Choice No 3: Tiramisu..

Hehe.. is so so so so yummmy.. thats my choice.. and is RM 19 for the three scoops..

– My Yummy Ice cream Choice-

Food: 5/5

Price = reasonable

Service = 2/5

Environment 3/5


99 cents ice cream from Kings @ Giant, Penang

31 03 2008

I am down wif cough for a couple of weeks.. and is now fully recover and my craziness on ice cream is back.. I love Ice creams.. yummy.. and that day i pass by the Giant supermarket in bayan lepas was having sale on ice cream.. 99 cents.. wau.. is jus 99 cents and u can grab a nice yummy ice cream to ur mouth.. worth it right?

I had my yummy ice cream from Kings at the Giant Supermarket and having a three flavour, peanut sealed wif chocolates… vanila and strawberry inside.. em.. overall this ice cream is worth for the price of it!!hehe.. TRy them


– Thats de ice cream packing-


– The inside view of the yummy ice creams-

Haagen Dazs

24 03 2008

Yummy Haagen Dazs again.. I attracted to the yummy ice cream from there and this is de one I love that is de Flower Blossom (RM29.90). This is where you can choose 6 ice cream flavors of your choice served in a waffle bowl. Wow…Look so beautiful. Good presentation :)I love them so much.. and sam dong to eat them.. so nice le

Häagen-Dazs Fondue

16 03 2008

There are many things in life one should try before they die, and Häagen-Dazs Fondue is certainly one of them!I never resist for any time.. even I complaining i am now getting fat… see my blog u know.. eating and eating

Available in most Häagen-Dazs Cafés, Häagen-Dazs Fondue consists of small scoops of ice-cream, fruits (apple, banana, strawberry – may differ in other countries), strawberry swiss rolls, chocolate chip cookies (I believe they’re Famous Amos) and cheese cakes! Of course, all these come with melted chocolate and sprinkles of peanuts for dipping.

The fondue can be served for two person or more. Of course, the more people, the less you get to eat. The price is MYR 59.90 or MYR 69.20 after adding a 10% service tax and 5% government tax.