Old Town Nam Chau Dry Curry Mee

7 08 2008

Old Town, Nam Chau. Been introduced to this place by my friend from Ipoh (the shop’s closed on Sat though). Famous for its dry curry noodle, and various toasts/sandwiches, as well as their coffee, it opened up another branch in Bandar Baru Menglembu lately.

The dry curry noodle (I normally pick rice noodle or kuey teow) (RM3.50) comes with chicken strips, char siew and prawns, and generously served with amazing curry paste. Though some may find it oily, but squeeze in half a lime, and the taste is simply amazing! Yummy


54 Jalan Bandar Timah, Ipoh

Opening Hours: 8am to 4pm, Closed on Saturdays

Phone: 012-5179998


Popiah fr Thean Chun CoffeeShop @ Ipoh, Perak

15 05 2008

A very special Popiah from Thean Chun Coffee shop. This is where this yummy popiah.. is a very special and teh taste is different from Penang. What is so different is the popiah fills is a lot and they add something like small prawns inside which make the taste very special.

Other than that, there is no soup.. so it is a bit dry but the taste is fabolous.. i also ta pau back to Penang… so how nice will u think? Check it out and taste them.. we share see if it is real nice not

Thean chun Cafe

10 05 2008

Thean Chun Cafe is the next stop in Ipoh, Junee and John took me to this shop.. it is said to be famous for the hor fan as well as for the popiah.. em.. so we went here. .. Thean Chun coffee shop at the town of Ipoh. I have no idea how to go along to this shop. Perhaps u can try and ask fr route to there.

Wat we ordered.. i ordered Cha Tan which is different from Penang.. which the soup is leong cha ..not the herbal cha tan which is in Penang and the taste is also completely different. So, wont be the same as in Penang.

I also get a try on the hor fan and the hor fan is totally different from Penang.. it is where the hor fan which is soft as well as the food is nice and special.. Other than that, the taste is a bit different .. from Penang and very special.. They don give big drumstick or duck meat but they have little slices of chicken meat additional with bean sprouts which is very nice

– The Beansprout and the Hor Fan-

Taste: 4/5

Durian Ice Cream @ Perak Cave, Perak

9 05 2008

There is a small stall at Perak Cave that attracts me with one thing that is de ice cream. The ice creams dere was real delicious.. is might just be a normal ice cream.. a durian flavor ice cream for only RM0.60 per scoop.. cheap right? i am not aware of this ice cream since haven been taken them for the last 4-8 years ago.. so for me it might be cheap.. and it is so so yummy.. hehe

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 0.60

Old Town Coffee @ Tambun, Ipoh, Perak

5 05 2008

morning food… morning is a time to makan.. and there are many place but a person who are being lazy and wake up late wif hungry stomach we ended up to the nearest coffee places thats OLd Town Coffee arround Tambun side.

The design of the shop was a bit cozy and they give free wifi service as well

So, we ordered some nice food from the nice menu that are being provided

– The Menu-

What I ordered , a very nice and yummy taste of the Ipoh Hor Fan.. it is says that it is a must to try this so I am going to try this Ipoh Hor Fan.. a very yummy one

-Ipoh Hor Fan-

I also ordered Ipoh Coffee Hazelnut flavor.. but the taste is not really nice and i don really like them.. so .. i think i won ordered thsi coffee again.. it does not taste nice

– The Coffee-

HY ordered Nasi Lemak.. and the nasi lemak looks nice.. i should ordered that kua.. but i din.. so nevermind la.. i jus taste a bit.. not bad taste.. is more Malay style.. hehe

Lastly is this one.. this is a must recomended where in this the bread is toast.. wif butter.. yummy and nice

Taste: 4/5

Price: RM 21

Environment: 3/5

Service: 2/5

Kenny Rogers @ Jusco, Ipoh

5 05 2008

Thinking to grab things from Jusco… so have my dinner in Jusco. I know i should try Perak delicious food but my mind drolling again.. jus have to think to eat in Jusco Kenny Roger Roasters… it has been my favorite 2 years ago… and i was thinking to try the one in ipoh.

Food is the same.. but service is real real good.. it is a very nice services given by the waitress as well as another one is the design was nice. i like dem too. Thats wat I love the most.

– Isn’t it nice and romantic??-

– Me in Kenny Roasters-

– Isn’t de design is nice??-

We ordered the food .. yeah.. wat i ordered.. 1/4 chicken wif 3 side lines and i had coselaw and 2 fruits salad while HY ordered beans, fruits salad and rice. So, yummy the dishes.. besides that, we also ordered chocolate blended and strawberry blended.. Mine chicken is black pepper flavor while HY is original flavor. Oh.. forgot muffin, one is banana and another is chocolate flavor

Lets look at the yummy food.

here it comes the banana and the chocolate flavor.. is hot and its look like jus baked from oven.. em the taste is so so yummy.

Here comes HY set. is 1/4 chicken wif the side lines.. rice, fruits and corns.. and the chicken is drumstick.. original taste..

Thats mine set, my favorite black pepper chicken wif 3 sidelines. And the side lines.. is 2 of it is fruits while 1 is coselaw. Is very very nice.. and yummy.. and they give me extra sauce.. thats so nice of them.. wifout me asking

And now come the drinks, Strawberry gal.. wat choosen drinks.. of course is strawberry ice blended.. is so so nice and yummy…

– Ice Blended Strawberry and Chocolate-

Thats my meal for the day… is so so yummy and worth it and the ice blended is superb.. especially the strawberry.. yummy

Food: 4/5

Price : RM 60

Service: 4/5

Ipoh Fu San Dim Sum..

5 05 2008

Wat must you have in Ipoh?? hehe.. the first thing in my mind just one Fu San Dim Sum.. and thats where I headed once i am dere..this is one of my favorite yummy food.. i love the most. Wat I ordered? I ordered sui kao, siew mai, fishballs as well as chee cheong fan.. there are more but i am too full as well so jus makan a bit of this and tat.

1. Ha Kau

Ha Kau-

This ha kau is all wrapped in fresh prawns and hot and have a bit of some vege inside which taste nice. i really love the ha kau cause wrapping with prawns but not wif other likes pork.. full prawn.. and u bite in there are a bit of the watery prawns taste will flows to ur mouth.. yummy.

2. Fish Ball

-Fish Ball-

Fish Ball is just normal but the taste is also very very nice and yummy.. Besides that, the fish ball very nice where is because it has the “tan seng” dere..

3. Siew Mai

Not much to say.. jus a normal siew mai only.. so .. not much comments on them.

4. Char Siew Pau

Yummy Char Siew Pau.. the Cahr siew pau have lots of pork inside and the taste is nice.. yummy.. jus a bit tebal the skin..

5. Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun

Thats my favorite among all. the prawns is so fresh and the taste is supperb.. No comments.. just love it. Excellent taste.

Taste: 5/5
environment: 3/5
Price: RM 20