John King Egg Tart again

11 07 2008

Its time for my yummy John King Egg Tart again if you are in Pavillion… and is a must for me.. but this time is a bit expnsive.. due to petrol hike .. the egg tart also becoming more expensive.. but this wont resist me from buying it.. haha.. and I bought 10 if it … and nearly kinda finish all of them.. that’s make me grow fatter now.. haiz.. wats so special bout Johny egg tart.. as I am a fans of egg tart.. and is durian egg tart … how can I resist it..

Most important the egg tart smells durian smells.. and de smell is real good,,, that my car is full of the durian smell when I pack back.. can u imagine tat?.. they are make from fresh durian that make it so nice.. and the crunch when u take them up from the cup it is easily breaks .. so becareful while u are eatin it ooo.. hehe… love the egg tart so so much. Oh ya.. wats de price : RM 2 each for the durian one

Price: RM2

Taste: 5/5


Durian Egg Tart @ John King, Pavillion. KL

1 04 2008


– The Counter of John King-

Johny egg Tart is one of my favorite yummy pasteries. Everytime i reach KL there are few food that i need to have thats donuts from JCO as well as Dunkins and Apple Donuts.

So, I passed to Pavillion and grab one of my most favorite egg tart that is in the Pavillion Johny Egg Tart located at basement of Pavillion Malls where you can find a lot of yummy food dere. 🙂

Emm… wat I ordered for this time.. em.. thats my favorite durian egg tart that i never resist all along..i love the egg art as the texture is real good and there are smell of fresh durian that i cant resist all this while. other than that, I also the love the way it is … where it is real soft .. need to be careful.. extra careful when u eat.. or not u will haev ur clothes in laundry.. Overall.. i tasted the noraml egg tart, durian egg tart and corn egg tart … but the one i love the most is still durian egg tart..recomended

IMG_2228 IMG_2227

Choices of Johny Egg Tarts-

Price : RM 2 fr durian egg tart
Taste: 4/5

John King Durian Tart (香港蛋挞王)

16 03 2008

I have never tought that there are so many types of yummy nice tarts.. that day, i had my appointment with my frens at Pavillion.. Since i am not really know the way .. so ended up early to Pavillion and found out some delicious stuff in the food court.. Thats the John King ” durian tart”.

A fans of durian.. will never regret to get a taste of durian egg tart for sure.. i headed there and i saw is just left 3 durian egg tarts. I bought them without thinking twice. Is RM 2 per piece.. yummmy the first bite i taste them.. and i ordered 6 to buy them back to Penang.

The durian tart have a very nice strong durian taste as well when you take the first bite you won’t resist the second one. Its filling is full of the yummy durian smell.. as well the crust is relly nice. is a perfect match..

When will i have them again?? yummy John King Durian Tart