Siang Hai Dim SUm Oriental Seafood

28 05 2008

This place is called Siang Hai situated at Abu Siti Lane.. and it is famous for its morning dim sum.. and while im the evening.. there also have dim sum as well as seafood in the afternoon.

There are many yummy food dere.. and u can get dim sum as well.. so can have seafood and dim sum as well.

– Dim SUm In Afternoon-

The dim sum is nice in the morning.. but in the afternoon is not that nice.. maybe is not fresh di.. cause it is left over from morning kua.. thats what i think … and this might be de reason.. cause there are not much varieties..

We ordered some” chu char” dere.. First come de ” Sah Poh Taufu” very nice.. and they have many ingrideients inside like mushroom, taufu and more.. the taste is not bad..rate is as 4/5

This is another is.. sayur goreng ” fried vege ” .. not bad.. for me.. i think is ok ..cause fr me .. i don really like vege.. so is not bad..

Another is kerabu chicken.. it is very nice.. but a bit spicy.. very nice and yummy.. Yummy.. and there are many chilly paddy.. ichiban.. i love the nice.. and yummy.. ichiban

Lastly is this one, oat prawn.. thats the nicest over all.. i can seldom find this in the stall.. and it is fresh and nice.. other than that, 6 prawns le.. big big one.. and nice and yummy.. u can taste the oat taste as well having nice nice yummy yummy ..hehe.. the presentation is nice too.. very nice.

Taste: 4/5 fr the seafood , dim sum @ nite is 1/5

Service: 1/5- de aunty seems like not willing to serve..

Price: RM 60..


Kerabu Bihun @ Bee Hooi Coffeeshop, Pulau Tikus, Penang

30 04 2008


– Kerabu Bihun-

Kerabu Bihun is also my favorite .. and I love them cause it is hot and a bit of soury.. so thats the reason I love them.. The one i love is the one is Bee Hooi Coffeshop in the morning where this old aunty is famous for the Kearbu Bihun..and is only RM 1.00- RM 1.50 for a plate of them.

Wat is de best of its Kerabu because of its spicy not too much and the taste is soury which is my favorite.. other than that, they put a lot of onions that i am loving it .. thats make me love de Aunty Kerabu Bihun. Other than that, she added somekinds of small prawns grinded on to it and make it taste even nicer.

Try dem.. and tell em how it’s taste?

Place: Bee Hooi Coffeshop @ morning – Pulau Tikus opposite Belisa Row
Price: RM 1.00-1.50
Taste: 4/5

Chicken Rice Shop Mango Kerabu

16 03 2008

Today afternoon suddenly thinking of makan Kerabu Mango.. actually thinking to go Food Loft but lazy walk up.. so ended in Chicken Rice Shop.. So ordered just Kerabu Mango since not hungry and we jus plan fr a chat .. and ordered some drinks.. em.. de Kerabu as usual is so nice.. but a bit expensive RM 8.00 and not enough fr me makan also.. haiz… but ok la once a while..

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