Kim Gary French Toast

15 06 2008

Kim Gary is famous fr many of its yummy food.. one of them is its French Toast. Yummy Yummy..everytime I am dere i will never resist the yummy french toast from there.. The french toast inside is butter and peanut butter.. and being toasted..and add a pinch of butter as well as honey on it. The taste is very very nice and when eaten it very hot.. the taste if even nicer and yummy yummy 🙂

Taste: 5/5
Price: RM4.50
Service: 3/5


Kim Gary Vege Meat Rice at Gurney Plaza, Penang

11 06 2008

Kim Gary again… and my usual place fr everythin i love.. today.. a bit busy kua.. and service is not as good as usual.. but still ok la.. wat we ate is jus this one.. my lunch of a day.. vege chau fan wif meat .. not bad and the taste is nice.. It has this nice well cooked corns and slices pork is nice.. Yummy..

Taste: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Price : RM 8.00

Fu Yong Chau Fan & Nai Cha fr Kim Gary, Gurney Plaza, Penang

20 05 2008

Kim Gary is my favorite.. the place i think i go dere nearly every week.. thats why i love them so much.. Wat i love the most.. one of it is the Nai cha.. i ordered the hot Nai Cha and XY ordered the cold one.. and that is the most famous and favorite Nai Cha.. yummy..

– Cold Nai Cha-

– Hot Nai Cha-

Lastly, i ordered this one… i haven taste before.. so I ordered this one.. Egg Rice… or is call Fu Yong Chau Fan.. from the look it don taste nice.. but after makan is not bad and nice.. is yummy .. RM8.90 fr tat.. too full di.. today no more French Toast

Taste: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: RM8.90 ( Fu Yong Chau Fan) ; RM2.80 ( Nai Cha)

French Toast and Bacon Mee Soup @ Kim Gary, Gurney Plaza, Penang

29 04 2008

At last i found something that is Kim Gary.. able to sit and makan.. haha.. cause i always long q.. then i will jus ta pau back .. but Kim Gary today not pack so I can sit down and enjoy .. As usual wat i always ordered there is my favorite French Toast which is RM 4.90 and we today ordered bacon soup mee that is RM 7.90.. with two cups of nai cha.. hehe.. Thats our favorite..


– My French Toast-

Thats a mus in Kim Gary and its my favorite where this french toast add in wif honey pour over the bread and inside have peanut butter and butter kua.. and then toast it.. and den.. have butter up dere fr u to have them wif the bread.. DElicious when u munch them when it is served hot.. 🙂 A must in Kim Gary and most recomended


– Bacon Soup Mee-

And wat I ordered is also this becon soup mee… share wif XY.. and this one taste so so.. Maybe the portion is too big.. thats why the more u have eat teh more scary it is .. Futher more, the mee will be taste yucks.. when taking too much.. but the pork bacon is nice.. haha.. 😛 Not recomended so much la this one from Kim Gary

Price: RM 18 wif 2 drinks included

Taste: 3/5

Environment : 4/5


Strawberry Aloe Vera @ Kim Gary Gurney Plaza, Penang

13 04 2008

I had a nice drink from Kim Gary as is a delighting one.. the taste is so nice and is refreshing.. is blended wif pure strawberries as u can see slices of strawberries inside de drink wif bit aloe vera. the taste is nice overall but jus a bit expensive RM 5.90 per drink.. wat u think??


– Strawberry Aloe Vera-

Rice with Pork Rib from Kim Gary

16 03 2008
Where Again now.. em.. Having many photos on food i keep on every place i eat.finally have a chance to blog them.. as i am staying home today. This has been many many times i eat in Kim Gary at Gurney.. i hope one day.. i can complete all de dishes dere.. as i hang out very often in Gurney Plaza.. There goes wat I ate..that time

Set Lunch – Rice with Pork Rib

The makan is nice but for me is a big portion.. next time need to ask ppl share di.. sure cant finish..

Kim Gary French Toast

16 03 2008

KIm Gary GurneY plaZa is my choice for French Toast.. whenever i gurney Plaza.. i will always love to have a french toast.. Last Sat.. i went there for an hour to settle my stuff dere.. and at the end i ended up getting some pack away on the yummy French toast.. is real yummy..

It come with butter, honey and it toast wif peanuts butter.. em.. and the color is golden brown.. is yummy when the honey is wif it together with the butter..


– FrenCh ToaST-

Get a try on it at Gurney Plaza 3rd floor.. is just opposite SNJ and you can find them after Maggi T.. It will start to get packed about 12 pm- 2 pm..


– The ShOP earLy in the MornING-