Fried Tang Hoon @ Sky coffeeshop, Bandar Sg Long, Selangor

29 07 2008

Went to Sky Coffeshop again and had this one tang hoon.. is one of my favorite ..and this fried tang hoon is kinda spicy a bit, mayb too much of sambal … hehe… and the food is overall ok.. it was being fried wif chicken meat and bit of cabbage and carrot. The taste is overall is ok.. not too bad.. but the size is big..

Oh ya.. where is it – it is at Bandar Sungai Long .. the shophouses around UTAR

Price – RM 4
Taste: 3/5


CARRY Mee @ Fan Wah, Sg Long

17 07 2008

Having my breakfast again in Fan wah, Daddy had dis,,this CARRY MEE.. is kinda special store name.. is curry mee actually .. the curry mee soup is like curry chicken taste. Is not the same as the one I have in Penang . Here the curry mee… is a bit special where the ingredients they are not the same as in Penang where in Penang comes with shrimps and all,.. but there they come with chicken, long beans and some prawns nia.. abit weird.. but maybe that’s the style of KL curry mee.. is a very very big bowl… cant finish .. is RM5

Taste: 3/5

Price: RM5

John King Egg Tart again

11 07 2008

Its time for my yummy John King Egg Tart again if you are in Pavillion… and is a must for me.. but this time is a bit expnsive.. due to petrol hike .. the egg tart also becoming more expensive.. but this wont resist me from buying it.. haha.. and I bought 10 if it … and nearly kinda finish all of them.. that’s make me grow fatter now.. haiz.. wats so special bout Johny egg tart.. as I am a fans of egg tart.. and is durian egg tart … how can I resist it..

Most important the egg tart smells durian smells.. and de smell is real good,,, that my car is full of the durian smell when I pack back.. can u imagine tat?.. they are make from fresh durian that make it so nice.. and the crunch when u take them up from the cup it is easily breaks .. so becareful while u are eatin it ooo.. hehe… love the egg tart so so much. Oh ya.. wats de price : RM 2 each for the durian one

Price: RM2

Taste: 5/5

Thye Hong’s Fried Carrot Cake

10 07 2008

Thye Hong’s Fried Carrot Cake in Food Republic , Pavilion KL is quite famous. The fried carrot cake is not bad .. is something unique to try actually. I love it cause I am a fans of carrot as well. The price is RM 6.50. Nice.. jus de service is not really good.. and is really pack in lunch time

Thye Hong,

Food Republic Apex Excellent,

Lot 1.41.00, Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur ,

168, Bukit Bintang,

55100 Kuala Lumpur , MALAYSIA

Yummy Genki Sushi @ KLCC

9 07 2008

It has been a long time I din take Sushi.. and I cant find many kinds of sushi shop in Penang .. so I went to Gengki Sushi for a try since I am in KL So, we decided to give Genki Sushi a try at KLCC. This is also one of the first outlets.

As seen from the yummy plates, we ordered salmon skin sushi RM4, salmon salad sushi RM2, sushi wrapped with egg & crabstick RM4, spicy salmon sushi RM2 & Unagi sushi RM4.Overall the taste is fine.. and kinda.. good service as well.. As I am using citibank card , I am able to enjoy 20% discount until 31 December 2008! Haha.. that’s good thing

Shop 428, Level 4,
Suria KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan 50088
Tel : 03-2166-6220 Fax : 03-2166-6251

Service : 4/5
Taste : 4/5
Price : 4/5

Dunkins Donut in Midvalley

9 07 2008

What is a must when I am in KL? Haha is donuts.. it has been a must to buy donuts … when I am in KL.. that’s my favorite of all.. and his time I took Dunkins Donut.. is my 4th time taking it and I could not say NO.. though my favorite is still JCo.. but I still cant resists Dunkins as well.. I am in Mid Valley and I had this one.. oh gosh.. and is real sedap!! Oishi des.. I love it so so much. I think is a promo.. buy 6 free 2 so.. wat I take.. for the 6 is of course my favorite peppermint haha as well as peanut, tiramisu and chocolate.

The taste is ok.. but I still prefer JCo.. no choice.. din go Pavillion.. so no JCo.. haiz…em.. we ordered 2 specially brewed coffee as well is Dunkins Coffee.. em .. is not really nice.. but ok still

Overall the bill with the coffee is RM22.80.. Ok ka?? Hehe

Dried Wantan Mee wif Duck@ Dragon View Restorant, Jalan Alor, KL

28 04 2008


This food is kinda long I tasted it when i am n my trip to KL on march.. don have much time to post all my food i taken.. so let see.. this was taken along Jalan Alor.. is teh corner shop. This shop looks like opening 24 hours and there are many things to have dere.. from light to heavy .. Is kinda expesive if compare to de one in Penang.. but In KL maybe this is de way the price is


– Price List-
Me, anna, valer, and XY sis went there fr breakfast and we ordered this few dishes.. according to our love.. I ordered ” Dried Wantan Mee wif Duck” and the taste is suppeb nice.. but maybe KL wan tan mee is slightly different from Penang one.. thats the reason i love it.. KL one is more like HK style.. haha

– Dried Wantan Mee wif Duck-

Overall is nice,.. RM 7.00 fr this..

Taste: 3/5

Price : a bit expensive