Aunty Asam Laksa

18 08 2008

There is an old aunty that had been selling nice assam laksa around Sungai Ara area.. Which is located jus a few steps away from the Famous Mee Jalil which is recommended by Vkeong on its blog. The laksa are well cooked which the taste not too sour as well as not too fishy smell. This laksa is real nice.. And wat is nice is the aunty seperated the fishes and the soup. She wont cooked the fishes with the soup.. So when u taste the laksa u can still eat the big flash of the fish …oishi.. And is cheap most of all. The stall open daily except Saturdys.. The price per bowl is just RM 2.50. and the taste is incredible nice. The location is opposite the sungai ara school where you can find this stall opposite Yoyo coffeeshop.

Price: RM2.50
Taste: 5/5


Kek Seng Assam Laksa

11 07 2008

Wen to kek seng again and this time, I taste the Asam Laksa. Hmmm… oichi des.. de laksa is well cooked and I the fish inside de soup is a lot and is big ig one.. very nice.. if I am not mistaken is sardine.. and you can smell the smell of the Laksa from far away .. this means the laksa is real nice.. haha.. em.. like usual laksa, they will put onoions, cut cucumber, some vegetable,,, and the prawn paste lo.. but is extremely nice cause the fish I s rela big and the taste is obviously nice.. I really love it so much.. Much recommended.

Oh ya Keat Seng is located along Penang road where it is somewhere near the Maxim Cakehouse and near KOMTAR area.

Taste: 4/5

Price: RM 2.50

Lemak Laksa @ Beacon Point, Ipoh

18 04 2008

Had this at my favourite Ipoh restaurant about few months back. This had to be one of the best laksa lemak one can possibly find is Ipoh but maybe not penang… The soup had chunks of tuna in it instead of the usual sardines. The taste was just right: not too salty, not too sour, not too spicy and just the right tanginess. The noodles were smooth and springy too.

Where is it it is at the Beacon Point, Ipoh. Try them when u r free 🙂

Laksa Shake – Laksa Singapura

21 03 2008

Last holiday, my friend and I decided to drop by the new place to hang out located in Penang Gurney plaza .

Came to tea time. We thought of giving Laksa Shack a try because the aroma of the laksa is really inviting when you passby the newly open shop…

The restaurant simple decorations on the walls and etc. But the tables outside the restaurant are a little too small. Perhaps they should enhanced with a bigger table in order to locate more people.

For the foods.Need not need to mention that they serve all types of laksa here, from Curry Laksa, Johor laksa, Asam laksa, Curry laksa, to Laksam Kelantan. Basically whatever laksa you can think of, true to the name of the establishment: Laksa Shack!

-Laksa Singapura-
I order Lemak Singapura-one of their signature dish. It came out quite nice. Very special and different from Penang laksa or the every so common curry laksa which I use to have. And is quite special.. however I love Penang laksa more

Siam Laksa

16 03 2008

Not many place in Penang are selling Thai Laksa.. Thai Laksa.. is a bit different as the taste of it are more on Nyonya taste where it mis more Lemak.. I am a big fans of Laksa.. and i came upon this stall in Pulau Tikus which is Swee Kang just opposite the Pulau Tikus Police Station.
This stall had been open more than 10 years and the stall owner/ seller is a pure Siamese…
This shop open daily and will closed on every Thursday. You can get them in the afternoon at about 1pm..Try them when you are free. 🙂


– Siam Laksa-

GreenLane Assam Laksa

16 03 2008

Last week .. i think is de second day of new year all of the sudden my mood turns to the mood of makan LAkSa.. very nice and yummy laksa.. where in Greenland Genting cafe.. that cafe is searving Air Itam Laksa..

– Coffee shoP ( Genting) in Red-

i PrefeR the makan from the laKsa here cause is more clean than the airitam one at the road side.. thats the choice.. so i had them.. very delicious with the fish smell.. yummy.. and the taste is perfect.. jus a bit less.. haiz.. need to call 2 bowls liao la.. hahha.. no choice..


– My YummmY LaksA-

– The InnEr view OF LaKSa-

Golden Sand Hawker Centre

16 03 2008

Last week, I went to have a new try in a new food court at Tanjing Bungah called ” Golden Sand Food Court”. Though choices of the food are not as much as other places… but the place is clean as well have nice yummy food to eat ..em.. choices of food are not much.. but having parking places is my choice.. good parking.. haha.. the food court is jus nearby to the Tg Bungah hotel and its open in the evening ..

The food we ordered are yummy.. My sis ordered squids and kerabu tang hun.. while my mum and grandma ordered nice yummy sweet and sour fish and teowchew noodles. is yummy and is not expensive.

Lets see wat we eat…

Kerabu Bihun

Kerabu Bihun

The taste is nice.. is a bit sour and have shrimps and chicken and bits of squids in it. Other than that, it is has a lot of choice of food.. as well as.. and the price is about RM7-8 per plate.. we share dem.. and is kinda full having them. Other than that, we also some squids for makan.. Squids thats nice.. is big big one and the taste is fresh. And we dip them wif chily sos..only and the taste is superb..


-Yummy Squids-

Other things, we ordered are the lemak Laksa.. The Lemak laksa is a bit different cause is thai style.. is not the same style as Penang .. is abit hot and a bit too lemak.. hehe.. Other than that, the bihun is not the same as the normal laksa noodles.. suprising.. is more like Thai style where they also give u some lemon to squeze on your laksa.. so u have a bit sour.. as well..


– Nyonya Laksa-