Hong Kong Rest: Pei Par Arp at Mc Callister Road

12 06 2008

eating again.. where about this time.. food temptatin .. and time i try this Pei Pah Arp.. is actually lor duck and this stall is located at the Mc Callister Road just opposite petrol station at the Hong Kong Restorant. Is the same road as the Famous Town steamboat restorant.. jus the opposite site

The Pei Pa Arp is nice.. but one thing is a bit expensive lo.. RM 8.50 fr quarter duck and they don sell like the chicken rice shop style.. so if u wan, u wan to order rice and duck.. and it will cost u about RM 9 – 10.. Overall the duck is nice and the taste is fabolous. Ichiban .. i love is so so much.. yummy yummy

Price: RM 9-10
Taste: 4/5



16 03 2008

There are many frens recomend me steamboat.. EaT all You Can.. em.. i was thinking onli 1 famous one in Nagore Road but they tell me another one in Mc Callister Road.. opposite the UMNO Building.. is Town Steamboat Restorant. The Restorant open fr 5.30 om till 11.45 pm.. jus got makan at evening onli..

I reach dere about 6.30 and is also pack.. The shop front place have this big banner there..

penang food

– The FronT LooK-

The food choice are varies.. real banyak choice of yummy food.. to choose.. not jus something to put on soup.. have also em.. seafood, bbq stuff, dim sum, sate, .. salads.. and more.. let’s see wat nice food picture.. is nice.

penang food penang food

penang food penang food

penang food penang food

penang food penang food

penang food penang food

penang food penang food

penang food

– Some Of The YummY choIces Fr SteamBoaT-

Some Of yummy food i choose.. actualli I take a lot .. but busy panggang and eating forget taking picture so.. not much to see lo.. em.. the tomyum.. is nice and very spicy.. and de tan tart is real good.. as well as de.. dim sum.. but a lot of meat.. so i don take much of dim sum.. all i take is de sea food.. but le de prawn not very nice lo.. cause is bela punya prawn ma.. hehe..

penang food

– ParT of The Food I Take-

em.. this one is when de start we start the steamboat i take de pic dono why.. start makan din take much.. cause everyone busy makan.. but this is real hot.. haiz

penang food penang food

-SteamBoat VieW-

penang food

– Yummy Egg Tart-

Full Full Full… all yummy food u see… di.. How much..oh is cheap RM19.90.. and now got special promo.. Thats de banner.. on the promo.. not forget to take pic.. cause i don remember much on numerical sometimes..

penang food penang food

If you plan go dere call fr booking first, really always full



TEL: 04-2297273 (call after 5pm)

BUSINESS HOURS: 5.30 pm – 11.45 pm

Loh Bak

16 03 2008


– Loh BaK-

Loh Bak is famous among Penangtis as well.. Loh Bak or meat rolls are wrapped in beancurd skin and deep fried to perfection. At Loh Bak stalls, you can also order prawn fritters (Heh Chee), fried bean curds, and other side dishes such as octopus, century eggs, etc. Loh Bak are usually served with two dipping sauces in Penang: chili sauce and a starchy sauce flavored with five-spice powder and eggs. Penangites usually order a combo plate of Loh Bak, prawn fritters, and fried beancurb. Some famous
Café Kheng Pin
80 Penang Road
Opens 7 am to 3 pm.
Closed on Monday.

Padang Brown Hawker Center
The junction of Perak Road & Anson Road
10400 Penang
Business Hours: 2 – 6:30 pm

New Lane Hawker Juction
Macalister Road
10400 Penang
Business hour: 6 pm to midnight

Thong Lek Coffee shop- Bihun Soup

16 03 2008
Thinking wat to eat in morning?? Too much of Hokkien mee and all.. TRy this.. yummy and ho chiak bihun .. its yummy and have a choice of chosing mince pork or Fish ( choices of fried or steam) and the fried fish is really crispy when u bite on them
where is it located? is at mc calister rd opposite the Red Rock Hotel..

-Pork Loh Shue Fan-

-Fried Crispy Fish-


Coffee SHop : Thong Lek Coffee shop
Closed every Tues, 1st and 15th of chinese lunar calender