Lunch @ Sin Hup Aun , Pulau Tikus.

23 05 2008

In Sin Hup Aun Again… this coffeeshop i slocated along the Pulau tikus market where it is not only famous for the Western food but many other food as well. Yesterday, went there again to taste some other delicious food from there.. though i love the western food.. but i cant take dem .. huhu.. why.. soretroat.. lets see wat we ordered??

I ordered this one.. yeah.. is strawberry juice.. yummy rite? It is.. very yummy.. it is so cold.. and it is yummy as well.. just the strawberry.. not that much.. if more is nicer lo.. haha

Mummy ordered this one .. I love this… Jones Road..nice nice Mee Goreng.. but compare few years ago.. is not as good la.. but the taste is still ok lo..

It has taufu, squids, as well as many types of things inside.. and fried wif egg. The price is RM 3 per plate.. Yummy!!

Next is this one.. is Sa Poh Fan.. the taste is very nice .. not bad.. as the rice are cook well in the Sa pou.. and the taste is nice.. futhermore the chicken is quite fresh..

Lastly, i ordered this.. chicken.. but no i am not hungry.. The chicken is ok only.. not as nice as i expect it to be.. disappointment.. haiz.. RM 3 fr the chicken.

Taste: 3/5


New Cathay Curry Mee @ Pulau Tikus, Penang

20 05 2008

Curry Mee is one of the nicest thing to have in Penang. There are many place u can try curry mee.. though i love curry mee the most is Air Itam, another place is at New Cathay. This shop is mainly selling nicest food of all.. and the taste all is ICHIBAN..

em.. I am trying the Curry Mee dere.. but the taste not as nice as last 2 months… The taste is quite ok but compare to AIr Itam is oh.. gosh.. i still prefer the one in Air itam.. This curry me only have 2 prawns and the is real expensive.. just a small bowl cost me RM 3.00 and not much ingredients inside. just have a little sotong and taugeh..

Taste: 3/5
Price: RM 3

French Toast and Bacon Mee Soup @ Kim Gary, Gurney Plaza, Penang

29 04 2008

At last i found something that is Kim Gary.. able to sit and makan.. haha.. cause i always long q.. then i will jus ta pau back .. but Kim Gary today not pack so I can sit down and enjoy .. As usual wat i always ordered there is my favorite French Toast which is RM 4.90 and we today ordered bacon soup mee that is RM 7.90.. with two cups of nai cha.. hehe.. Thats our favorite..


– My French Toast-

Thats a mus in Kim Gary and its my favorite where this french toast add in wif honey pour over the bread and inside have peanut butter and butter kua.. and then toast it.. and den.. have butter up dere fr u to have them wif the bread.. DElicious when u munch them when it is served hot.. ๐Ÿ™‚ A must in Kim Gary and most recomended


– Bacon Soup Mee-

And wat I ordered is also this becon soup mee… share wif XY.. and this one taste so so.. Maybe the portion is too big.. thats why the more u have eat teh more scary it is .. Futher more, the mee will be taste yucks.. when taking too much.. but the pork bacon is nice.. haha.. ๐Ÿ˜› Not recomended so much la this one from Kim Gary

Price: RM 18 wif 2 drinks included

Taste: 3/5

Environment : 4/5


Dried Wantan Mee wif Duck@ Dragon View Restorant, Jalan Alor, KL

28 04 2008


This food is kinda long I tasted it when i am n my trip to KL on march.. don have much time to post all my food i taken.. so let see.. this was taken along Jalan Alor.. is teh corner shop. This shop looks like opening 24 hours and there are many things to have dere.. from light to heavy .. Is kinda expesive if compare to de one in Penang.. but In KL maybe this is de way the price is


– Price List-
Me, anna, valer, and XY sis went there fr breakfast and we ordered this few dishes.. according to our love.. I ordered ” Dried Wantan Mee wif Duck” and the taste is suppeb nice.. but maybe KL wan tan mee is slightly different from Penang one.. thats the reason i love it.. KL one is more like HK style.. haha

– Dried Wantan Mee wif Duck-

Overall is nice,.. RM 7.00 fr this..

Taste: 3/5

Price : a bit expensive

Jade Palace Restorant @ Taman Pekaka, Penang

12 04 2008
Having dinner wif daddy and mummy and Aunty See.. at the Jada Palace Restorant today… there is a lot of things to eat. And also yummy… teh price is reasonable. The place is at Sea Palace Restaurant in Taman Pekaka. Daddy say wanna have fish steamboat.. is real yummy..



– The Restorant-

Wat we ordered?? We ordered 3 dishes which are

1. Jelly Fish Kerabu ( RM 12.90) – is very nice and very yummy. It is very nice and very special where in this there are jelly fish as well adding in some mango and mango sauce in it. The taste is incredibly nice .. and the taste is very nice. ๐Ÿ˜› I love it and is a must for me …now everytime we have them.



– Jelly Fish Kerabu-

2. Emperor Mee- tats wat my mom orders.. is really nice.. and have lots of prawns inside.. and the taste is special.. other than that, the mee is not normal yellow mee.. or maggi mee.. but the taste and choices of it is real nice.. because it wasnโ€™t oily and itโ€™s appetizing.


– Emperor Mee-

3. Fish Steamboat- Fish steamboat is another nice choice of food.. and is my dad’s favorite.. This is very special.. and the steamboat is yummy.. in this there have two choices of food… one is fried fish as well as normal fish.. keke..





– The Fish Steamboat-

Overall the taste is nice and yummy … and also the service is also nice and great.. yummy..

Price: RM82.90

Taste: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Environment: 4/5

Ka Sau Sabah Pan Mee@ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

11 04 2008

Is a must.. must have.. in KK … since you are in Sabah… wats tat, it is Sabah Pan Mee.. there is a must yummy yummy one.. One of the famous one is Ka Sau Pan Mee along Gaya Street. Very nice.. and very yummy

– The Coffee Shop-

The mee is always searved wif usual lime and chilly padi.. and it is real nice when u have them in them..

– Lime and Chilly-

My sis ordered this one.. Is wat tan hor.. my sis says is not that nice and a bit starchy.. but is still nice.. It comes wif prawns and egg.. and de taste is a bit starchy as well.. RM 6.00 .. Is a bit expensive due to a lot of prawns and seafood.

-Wat Tan Ho-

This is de yummy yummy one.. haha.. the Sabah Pan Mee… and it has dried and soup. So, i ordered the soup one.. Other than that, they also include fish balls, pork balls, ikan bilis and all..The Sabah Pan Mee is really supperb and yummy. I love it very much.. and become a must when i am dere..

– Sabah Pan Mee-

Taste: 4/5

ENvironment : 2/5


2nd Time Revisit-Kampar Fish Jelly Restaurant

20 03 2008

Is been many times i been to this restorant.. but is consider very yummy.. Today, I went on evening about 6.30 pm .. The food is yummy.. and still hot..

Everyone says dat de chili sauce is nice.. so is a must to try when u makan de Hakka Mee dere..


– The Chily Sauce-

Next, mummy and daddy wan have a try on the local delicious one.. dey are.. em.. Chicken leg and pork leg.. but de real name.. i dono lo..

IMG_1964 IMG_1970

– The Chicken Leg- – The Pork leg-

We ordered both of it as well as it shop specialities tats de Hakka mee.. and the Yong Tau Fu..


– Hakka Mee-


– The Fried.. Yong Tau Fu-


– The Soup Yong Tau Fu-


– The Yam Rice-