John King Egg Tart again

11 07 2008

Its time for my yummy John King Egg Tart again if you are in Pavillion… and is a must for me.. but this time is a bit expnsive.. due to petrol hike .. the egg tart also becoming more expensive.. but this wont resist me from buying it.. haha.. and I bought 10 if it … and nearly kinda finish all of them.. that’s make me grow fatter now.. haiz.. wats so special bout Johny egg tart.. as I am a fans of egg tart.. and is durian egg tart … how can I resist it..

Most important the egg tart smells durian smells.. and de smell is real good,,, that my car is full of the durian smell when I pack back.. can u imagine tat?.. they are make from fresh durian that make it so nice.. and the crunch when u take them up from the cup it is easily breaks .. so becareful while u are eatin it ooo.. hehe… love the egg tart so so much. Oh ya.. wats de price : RM 2 each for the durian one

Price: RM2

Taste: 5/5


Thye Hong’s Fried Carrot Cake

10 07 2008

Thye Hong’s Fried Carrot Cake in Food Republic , Pavilion KL is quite famous. The fried carrot cake is not bad .. is something unique to try actually. I love it cause I am a fans of carrot as well. The price is RM 6.50. Nice.. jus de service is not really good.. and is really pack in lunch time

Thye Hong,

Food Republic Apex Excellent,

Lot 1.41.00, Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur ,

168, Bukit Bintang,

55100 Kuala Lumpur , MALAYSIA

Madam Kwan Nasi Lemak @ Pavillion, KL

2 04 2008


– madam Kwan Shop-

Pavilion Shopping Mall, a mall which is totally new to me. It’s located in the city of Kuala Lumpur, and at the same time, located at the area which have the worst traffic!! And Madam Kwan is located at the basement of the mall.

– Madam Kwan nasi Lemak-

Nasi Lemak (RM 14.20) is one of the specialty of Mdm Kwan. In fact most of the customer who walked into their restaurant will order this. The fluffy coconut flavoured rice is aromatic, served with thick and creamy curry chicken, sambal and egg.. great choice to choose from since they are so famous with it. And everytime i am in KL, it is a must to go to madam Kwan


– Cendol-

Cendol (RM 5.80) with thick gula Melaka and Santan! Thumbs Up again!

price: a bit expensive but worth it

environment : 4/5

service: 3/5

Food Taste: 4/5

Kampachi Restorant @ Pavillion , Kuala Lumpur

1 04 2008
– The inside View-
It was my second time to Pavillion and i was thinking to have something japansese and my fren wif the brouchure of Pavillion suggest the place where we can enjoy a nice yummy Japanese meal besides Sushi King.. so ended up in Kampachi

Wat i Ordered…Ishikari Udon, with its udon noodles cooked with salmon fish and vegetables in miso broth. The broth was sweet and lovable. With the right amount of desired taste, dear mommy hearts it. Priced at RM25.And I love the taste of it.. is extremely yummy .. a word of description.. haha

-Ishikari Udon-

Other than that, i was temptating of haven desserts and something special.. where i saw people ordering due to the look of it.. so i ordered their Green Tea Ice Cream, served aside with the overwhelming red beans, and adorned with strawberries plus a creamed cookie! An exquisite preparation priced at RM16.

– Green Tea Ice Cream –

Though it tasted marvelous, we still find it overpriced. Without the red beans, it’ll be RM12. An addition of red beans costs RM4! But.. I love having green tea ice cream with red beans unquestionably. Plus… it’s only 1 scoop ;(


Another must have when we’re in Kampachi, their Mochi! The Glutinous Rice pieces were showered with open-handed amount of peanut flakes and this sweet sensation did not went over the top. RM12 for this portion with embellishment of strawberries. Pretty

Location: KampachiLot 6.09.00,
Level 6Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Bukit Bintang
Tel: 03-21489608
Fax: 03-21482608
Price: expensive
Taste 4/5

Durian Egg Tart @ John King, Pavillion. KL

1 04 2008


– The Counter of John King-

Johny egg Tart is one of my favorite yummy pasteries. Everytime i reach KL there are few food that i need to have thats donuts from JCO as well as Dunkins and Apple Donuts.

So, I passed to Pavillion and grab one of my most favorite egg tart that is in the Pavillion Johny Egg Tart located at basement of Pavillion Malls where you can find a lot of yummy food dere. 🙂

Emm… wat I ordered for this time.. em.. thats my favorite durian egg tart that i never resist all along..i love the egg art as the texture is real good and there are smell of fresh durian that i cant resist all this while. other than that, I also the love the way it is … where it is real soft .. need to be careful.. extra careful when u eat.. or not u will haev ur clothes in laundry.. Overall.. i tasted the noraml egg tart, durian egg tart and corn egg tart … but the one i love the most is still durian egg tart..recomended

IMG_2228 IMG_2227

Choices of Johny Egg Tarts-

Price : RM 2 fr durian egg tart
Taste: 4/5

Madam Kwan Nasi Lemak

21 03 2008

I will never miss Madam Kwan Nasi Lemak whenever I am in KL.. The first time i had it is 3 years ago..and the food is yummy.. I had it once and den i will go and have them when ever in KL.. Have a chance to grab them tis time.. Unsure.. but will try .. since this upcoming week schedule to KL is a bit tight..

Em.. the nasi lemak.. is nice because of the rice as well as the curry chicken which are very LEMAK.. when you grab de taste of it.. u will love the the curry is not that pedas.. but very very have de LEMAK taste.. and de rice is as well having cocunut smell.. de santan smell.em.. is a wah..

I love the one in KLCC and de one in Pavilion as well.. 🙂

Big Apple Donuts..

18 03 2008

In Malaysia, I had to content myself with Dunkin Donuts,..and we don’t even have that in Penang.
But in my friends recent trip to KL, she discovered Big Apple donuts and she bought back for me to try.. flying from KL to Penang.. thanks ..dear… fr yr yummy donuts.. em.. she also help me to take de pictures when she just bought it.. cause she say i will blog them up.. Thanks a lot.. your donuts realli delicious though is aladi taking up about 2- 3 hours di…My favorite flavours – Mango, Double Choc and Iceberg…and if you love durian, do try that too. .. but she din buy me durian cause it onli can stand up to 3 hours… haiz
Is so so nice of her.. 🙂