Yee Hong CoffeeShop- Pork Rice, “Lam Fan” and Fried Rice

19 05 2008

Love Yee Hong food.. as it is cheap and nice.. thats the most important thing is have mant parking space.. keke..

They open from morning till night.. so in the evening there are some nice food as well.. That have ordered food there.. wat i have there.. Mum ordered “Lam Fan” which the rice is pour wif egg source and pork.. the taste is nice is like ” YU CHI LOH FAN” because it is made of egg.. so u will taste the pork taste combining with the egg which it make de taste even nicer. .. They also have prawns there as well…The price is RM4

As for Daddy, he ordered pork rice.. the taste is normal and the pork is not bad.. Daddy love the pork rice dere.. cause the portion is quite big and the taste is very nice.Price is RM 3.50

Lastly is mine, I ordered fried rice.. oh gosh.. the portion is much than i expected.. like makan cant finish.. haiz.. the fried rice is cheap and very very big portion. Other than that, the taste is fabolous.. Worth to try .. RM 3 per plate…Tell me after u taste them.. is it nice bo..


4th Revisit- Kingfire Seafood in Relau, Penang

15 04 2008

King Fire Seafood again.. it will be my usual routine back to this place to eat as is delicious and price is reasonable.. we ordered some dishes today.. oops 3 dishes… so see wat we ordered.. oH.. this restorant is located at Relau.

1. STing Ray in Black Bean Sauce..
Mummy and daddy love sting ray .. as well as me.. and we tasted this a few trips back and is delicious.. so we ordered them again this time. This is where the sting ray are being steamed wif the black bean sauce with the additional of chilly paddy as well as onions. The taste is a bit spicy… cause have chilly paddy.. don bite it.. if not..u know..wat it feels.. haha


-STing Ray in Black Bean Sauce-

2. Kailan
– Usual Kailan is being steam and being cooked wif ginger and is called “Cheng Char Kailan” this is wat in Hokkien.. and is fresh and greenish still de vege and de taste also very nice.



3. Last order that his “Hor Yip Yok” in english is called Pork wrapped wif Hor Yip.. where de taste a bit like ba chang .. and they take them to steam and served them hot. When u taste them the pork are already very smooth and tender.. as well as having the smell like taking Ba Chang.. is nice and speial dish


– “Hor Yip Yok”-

Overall this dinner is nice and yummy and is RM 30 for this yummy dishes.. wif 4 rice.. hehe..
Nice and yummy.

Taste: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Environment : 2/5

2nd Time Revisit-Kampar Fish Jelly Restaurant

20 03 2008

Is been many times i been to this restorant.. but is consider very yummy.. Today, I went on evening about 6.30 pm .. The food is yummy.. and still hot..

Everyone says dat de chili sauce is nice.. so is a must to try when u makan de Hakka Mee dere..


– The Chily Sauce-

Next, mummy and daddy wan have a try on the local delicious one.. dey are.. em.. Chicken leg and pork leg.. but de real name.. i dono lo..

IMG_1964 IMG_1970

– The Chicken Leg- – The Pork leg-

We ordered both of it as well as it shop specialities tats de Hakka mee.. and the Yong Tau Fu..


– Hakka Mee-


– The Fried.. Yong Tau Fu-


– The Soup Yong Tau Fu-


– The Yam Rice-