Prangin Mall Pasembur

15 08 2008

Pasembur is one of the yummy food to have for snacks at late afternoon and anytime.. Penang dere are 2 types of Pasembur which are the chinese style and Indian style. I love the chinese style.. Where inside you can find cucumbers and mengkuang as well as some tau kua, and biscuits … is kinda of deep fried,, crunchy biscuits which I love to take,, and some even have this nice stuff which is jelly fish.. I had this in another shop at Prangin Mall 3rd Floor where u can find many stalls in the middle of the mall which combining the north zone and the south zone. The shop is jus opposite of Chin Koay Café

The pasambur sauce is not too sweet. Jus good enough and they are good in giving lots of sauce that make it taste even nice.. Yummy

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 3


Forever Fresh Fried Rice @ Prangin Mall, Penang

20 05 2008

Prangin Mall is another place of food in Penang.. I had tried many fried rice.. but Prangin Mall one not bad the fried rice. ..It is Yong Chau Fried Rice.. and the taste is real nice. RM 4.50 with the drinks.. wif a cup of Kekwa.. Not bad.. It has shrimps, egg as well as pork.. quite nice and very big plate..

The shop name is Forever Fresh.. The shop is located at the 3rd floor of the Prangin Mall Auditorium A as well. Try them see.. it is also famous fr its nasi lemak.. Mayb should try them next time i go there. 🙂

Taste: 4/5

Price: RM 4.50

Environment: 3/5

TomYam Mee fr Spicez Cafe @ Prangin Mall, Penang

19 05 2008

Steamboat Spicez Cafe is one of the nice yummy place in Prangin Mall where u can taste nice steamboat as well as others. I went there a few times and not having steamboat but tomyam bihun.. Well, mee is fattening.. so diet plan no more mee at this moment kua.. haha.. So, I ordered the tomyam bihun

It comes wif 2 prawns, mushrooms, fishballs, sotong, crabstick and more. Overall the taste is nice and yummy.. i love them very much.. other than that, the soup is a bit sour and hot.. is worth trying ..

The shop is located at the Auditorium A at Prangin Mall, 3rd floor. You can find them at the middle of Auditorium A and B.. u can see that the shop will be pack during afternoon. Nice and yummy..