Bee Hooi Restaurant Fried Oyster

5 08 2008

Bee Hooi Restaurant Fried Oyster is really oishi oishi desu are specially selected fresh and big Penang oyster and the generous servings. The oyster they use is slightly bigger than other stall. Bee Hooi Restaurant Fried Oyster’s winning formula is the well-proportioned starch and egg mixture that goes into the frying work and produced juicy battered oysters which is full of plump.

A plate range from RM6 onwards, depending on the amount of oysters and eggs are used.

Fried Oyster, RM6.00


New Cathay.. Hawkers delights

26 05 2008

Food again.. and this time is at the yummy place of makan at where at … New Cathay at Pulau Tikus.. wat i ordered.. is chicken rice. Not bad the taste and is worst.. and it is roast chicken.. the steam one.. finish de.. so no choice get the roast one. the taste is nice and the chicken is very nice to.. but the rice.. i think because it is jus cook.. not that nice.. a bit to starchy.. Overall is nice la.. since the chicken is nice and the chilies is ichiban.. hehe

Mum ordered this one.. is hor fan wantan.. wat she thinks.. the hor fan is soft but the wan tan is not at nice at last time.. It is say this stall wantan is make of little pork and a lot of fresh prawns but now no more.. hardly u can find prawns inside.. Thats because things price incereased.. no choice.. need to ” sook sui” a bit.. i tell mum..

Dad ordered this one.. Hokkien Mee.. where this stall had a been selling in many places and is quite famous.. it is claimed that this stall had sell in Singapore before..The taste is quite nice.. i tried a bit.. not bad..

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 2.70 fr each of the food

Place: New Cathay, Pulau Tikus, Penang. opposite.. Belissa Row

Lunch @ Sin Hup Aun , Pulau Tikus.

23 05 2008

In Sin Hup Aun Again… this coffeeshop i slocated along the Pulau tikus market where it is not only famous for the Western food but many other food as well. Yesterday, went there again to taste some other delicious food from there.. though i love the western food.. but i cant take dem .. huhu.. why.. soretroat.. lets see wat we ordered??

I ordered this one.. yeah.. is strawberry juice.. yummy rite? It is.. very yummy.. it is so cold.. and it is yummy as well.. just the strawberry.. not that much.. if more is nicer lo.. haha

Mummy ordered this one .. I love this… Jones Road..nice nice Mee Goreng.. but compare few years ago.. is not as good la.. but the taste is still ok lo..

It has taufu, squids, as well as many types of things inside.. and fried wif egg. The price is RM 3 per plate.. Yummy!!

Next is this one.. is Sa Poh Fan.. the taste is very nice .. not bad.. as the rice are cook well in the Sa pou.. and the taste is nice.. futhermore the chicken is quite fresh..

Lastly, i ordered this.. chicken.. but no i am not hungry.. The chicken is ok only.. not as nice as i expect it to be.. disappointment.. haiz.. RM 3 fr the chicken.

Taste: 3/5

Taman Emas Kopitiam- Hawker Delights

20 05 2008

Taman Emas Kopitiam, is a place where we can find many yummy food as well. In this, we can see that there are many yummy food. The location is is opposite Penang Chinese Girls High School at Gottlieb Road. This stall is famous mainly with students and working adults within nearby areas.

Em.. wat we ordered?? We ordered Hokkien Mee.. and this one is not bad. It has shrimps.. little shrimps as well as the soup is very very nice.. Other than that, wat they have is also a yummy and nice chillies.. haha.. so spicy .. thats good!!The hokkien meee is very nice.. RM 3.50 fr a bowl.

next, my sister ordered this one.. chicken feat. Not bad..and tats ok lo.. cause no mushroom only.. Is not mine fav but my sis one. This one is RM 4. But for me, i don really like them…

While my sis bf ordered this one..Char Koay Kak.. This char koay kak.. is not bad. Quite hot. ANd the taste is very very nice. RM 2 fr 1 set.. is small one.. but is also very full also .. i taste it on my last trip there.

For me wat i ordered.. haha.. this one.. a light food.Chee Cheong Fun. Not bad..but i don really like it cause fr me is too sweet.. so i still prefer the one in Pulau Tikus Market. Thumbs down.. Price is RM 1.60 per plate

This is wat we had.. at last the stall is open.. haha.. the shark fin soup. RM 6 shark fin soup.. and the taste is jus alike like real one.. but the shark fin not real one lo. Very nice. If u wanna try this, u must go a bit later bout 7pm – 8 pm.. cause the aunty and uncle open quite late.

New Cathay Curry Mee @ Pulau Tikus, Penang

20 05 2008

Curry Mee is one of the nicest thing to have in Penang. There are many place u can try curry mee.. though i love curry mee the most is Air Itam, another place is at New Cathay. This shop is mainly selling nicest food of all.. and the taste all is ICHIBAN..

em.. I am trying the Curry Mee dere.. but the taste not as nice as last 2 months… The taste is quite ok but compare to AIr Itam is oh.. gosh.. i still prefer the one in Air itam.. This curry me only have 2 prawns and the is real expensive.. just a small bowl cost me RM 3.00 and not much ingredients inside. just have a little sotong and taugeh..

Taste: 3/5
Price: RM 3

Cocunut Ice Cream

19 05 2008

have u ever tried coconut ice creams.. i love cocunut ice creams.. and i had tried from many places.. some are too sweets.. some taste not that nice.. and this is de best of all that i tried.. coconut ice the Wat Chaiyamangkalaram. This ice cream is incredibelly nice.. where the ice cream taste is superb and u can add nuts, atache and corn on it.. As for me, I just put Groundnut as usual. The price is RM 2 fr the big cup .. hehe .. The stall only open.. on public holidays and Sat and Sun..

– Cocunut Ice Cream-

Taste- 5/5

Price: RM 2.00

Soya Bean Milk @ Pulau Tikus, Penang

15 05 2008

Soy milk is nutritionally close to cow’s milk, though most soy milk commercially available today is enriched with added vitamins such as vitamin B12. It naturally has about the same amount of protein (but not the same proteins) as cow milk. Natural soy milk contains little digestible calcium as it is bound to the bean’s pulp, which is insoluble in a human. To counter this, many manufacturers enrich their products with calcium carbonate available to human digestion. Unlike cow’s milk it has little saturated fat and no cholesterol, which many consider to be a benefit. Soy products contain sucrose as the basic disaccharide, which breaks down into glucose and fructose. Since soy doesn’t contain galactose, a product of lactose breakdown, it can safely replace breast milk in children with Galactosemia.

Soy milk is promoted as a healthy alternative to cow’s milk for reasons including:

-Source of lecithin and vitamin E
-Lacks casein
-It is safe for people with lactose intolerance or milk allergy
-Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are good for the heart.
-Contains isoflavones, organic chemicals that may possibly be beneficial to health.

I had taste many places of Soya Milk.. but the one i love the most is along Jalan Burmah and there is a van that sells soya milk drink from around 10 am daily along the Poly Coffee Shop. You can try them and tell me wats the taste like

Price: RM 1.20
Taste: 4/5