Chicken Rice and Nai Cha from Wong Kok, Queensbay Mall

6 09 2008

Went to Wong Kok wif XY and we our lunch wif her mum and sis ..Food dere is ok jus service is not that good compare to last time I take dem a few weeks… is it due to too many customer le ? Dono lo.. We ordered 4 Nai-cha and 4 chicken Rice dere, and de service is real slow.. We waited for 1/2 hour for a plate of chicken rice which I expect should not be lo..

The Yim Yong Nai Cha is the combination of coffee as well tea.. Which is called Yin Yong and its one of famous drink from Hong Kong.. Yummy .. Is had de coffee smell as well as a bit of tea smell as well. Is really awake after drinking dem.. Nice and yummy …

As for the chicken rice, the portion like less and is not worth .. RM 7 for a chicken rice which is really cut troat. Futher more the chicken rice not really fresh and cost me for tat price .. Oh gosh .. Is really unacceptable..

Price: RM 7 for chicken rice, RM3.80 fr cold nai cha
Taste: 3/5


Boaz’- Halal Pau and dim sum in Queensbay Mall

16 03 2008

Have you ever wanna try something new? New deliciouce food of Chinese dim-sum.. As we know..most of chinese dim – sum made from pork.. and pork really high colesterol… try something new.. i had tried something yummy – chicken dim sum from Baoz’
Have u ever heard of Baoz? yesss.. It’ s a well known halal pau!! Last weekend I tried it at Low Yat.. It was so delicious as Bee bought three types of pau. Since I am a big fan of pau, i would say i loveee these paus. is not jus paus.. is also dim sums as well
The texture of the pau is so soft makes you wanna eat more of the scrumptiously pau.. To those of you who is a big fan of pau should give it a shot. It’s worth for your moolah spending. trust me.. Go go and try the yummylicious pau..
Good for health.. Where to get them ? i am from Penang.. definately from Queensbay Mall at Basement. The shop is just around the Jusco Supermarket. em.. and opposite you can see many roast chicken dere selling.. Try them .. is nice