Siang Hai Dim SUm Oriental Seafood

28 05 2008

This place is called Siang Hai situated at Abu Siti Lane.. and it is famous for its morning dim sum.. and while im the evening.. there also have dim sum as well as seafood in the afternoon.

There are many yummy food dere.. and u can get dim sum as well.. so can have seafood and dim sum as well.

– Dim SUm In Afternoon-

The dim sum is nice in the morning.. but in the afternoon is not that nice.. maybe is not fresh di.. cause it is left over from morning kua.. thats what i think … and this might be de reason.. cause there are not much varieties..

We ordered some” chu char” dere.. First come de ” Sah Poh Taufu” very nice.. and they have many ingrideients inside like mushroom, taufu and more.. the taste is not bad..rate is as 4/5

This is another is.. sayur goreng ” fried vege ” .. not bad.. for me.. i think is ok ..cause fr me .. i don really like vege.. so is not bad..

Another is kerabu chicken.. it is very nice.. but a bit spicy.. very nice and yummy.. Yummy.. and there are many chilly paddy.. ichiban.. i love the nice.. and yummy.. ichiban

Lastly is this one, oat prawn.. thats the nicest over all.. i can seldom find this in the stall.. and it is fresh and nice.. other than that, 6 prawns le.. big big one.. and nice and yummy.. u can taste the oat taste as well having nice nice yummy yummy ..hehe.. the presentation is nice too.. very nice.

Taste: 4/5 fr the seafood , dim sum @ nite is 1/5

Service: 1/5- de aunty seems like not willing to serve..

Price: RM 60..


Seafood Bihun @ Kim Shan, Relau, Penang

15 05 2008

I had been eating many food and would like to have a change and have a yummy bihun. I had try this several times on this place and it is nice and cheap. they have choices of many type of seafood. This is where seafood, fishes, sotong, pork and many types. SO, u can pick ur favorite and then ask dem to cook. It is nice and yummy and cheap too

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 3 and above

Makan makan @ Medan Bayan

30 04 2008


Another place for makan for people in Relau and bayan Lepas. This one is just opposite PISA. Is a food court. If u wan makan dere.. em.. i Suggest 7.00 pm la.. so u can find food dere.. or not u won get anything jus a few stall available dere. It is mainly open for night business and morning is dim sum.. Not recomended dim sum.. yucks.. i taste once.. and is a thumb down.. no more.

The night food is not bad.. some are expensive some are not. My mum ordered sweet and sour fish which is very sour. .. 😛 Quite nice…and it is quite cheap.. RM4.50 😛


– Sweet & Sour Fish-

You also can find some delicious fried seafood taufu and fried seafood roll. Is real real nice and delicious as well as is quite cheap RM 2 for each so is RM 4 fr both


I also ordered this one, fries ice cream.. which is one of my favorite.. i love ice creams but the ice creams not tasting very nice.. not recomended..


– Fried Ice Cream-


– Sate-

This is the most expensive sate I had ever taste.. RM0.80/ cucuk.. Memang expensive le.. haha.. taste also not really nice.. hehe.. Overall… not bad

Taste: 3/5


Seafood Restorant @Beverly Hills, KK

7 04 2008

Is a place being recomended and brought by Guan and frens dere. I haven been dere before and they drive me dere.. Don ask me how to go.. perhaps.. i will ask dem the way out.. dere… haiz.. poor me

– The Shop-

We reached them makan makan.. Saw many people dere.. should be famous duh! em.. let see wat we ordered.. Prawns is one of the choice 1 kg, em.. seafood.. and more.. Let me tell u more..

– The Sauce-


– Me and Ban Hock-


– Usual drink in KK: Chinese Tea Ice-

Food 1: Steamed Prawns recomended by Guan.. he says is nice .. yummy though the prawns is fresh and a bit of liquor smell.. i think they dip the prawn into some kind of liquor before steam .. is real nice.. is fresh de most important things in seafood.

– Steam Prawn-

Food 2: Sah Poh Tau Fu ( CLaypot Taufu) recomended by Ban Hock.. its yummy and de taste of the claypot tau hu is nice.. but the claypot really jus tau fu.. not like penang have other choices of seafood.. the tauhu is added wif some mushrooms and other vege

– Claypot Tau Fu-

Food 3: Mussles cook wif yong zhung. Is my sis favorite. It is nice and fresh and the mussles is big big one .. yummy..

Mussles cook wif yong zhung-

Food 4: Nyonya Fish.. the fish is not really nice.. have a bit of sea smell.. i love the sauce is real nice and yummy.. is ok.. overall.. yummy as well

– Nyonya Fish-

Food 5: Hot Crab..:- Very nice de crab.. and de spices is real good.. very tasty.. overall the crab is fresh as well.. cause u can see de flash is real fresh and de taste is absulute yummy.

– Hot Crab-

Group picture at last…

– Group Picture-

Price : RM 125 wif 7 bowls of rice and 6 chinese tea refillable

Environment: 3/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 3/5

Home Cooking- Steam Prawn

27 03 2008


It has been a long time.. not cooking.. and this time is steam prawns.. Steam prawns wif egg are real nice. .. and the taste a bit like having crabs.. but having prawns instead.. em.. how i make dem..

Wat u need

1. 2 eggs.. just want the white egg.. don wan the yolk

2. Fresh prawns

3. a pinch of salt

4.fresh coriander leaves ( not garnishing)

5. water


1. wash the prawns and cuts the prawns centre a bit.

2. Add a pinch of salt to the white egg and add 4 cups of egg shells into it and beat them

3.Pour the egg white into the plate with the prawns

4. Steam them together when u cook your rice.

5. It will be cooked once your rice is cooked.

6. Now you can eat 😛


Seafood platter @ KofiHaven, Autocity Penang

25 03 2008

Food in Autocity .. there are many varies food you can found in Autocity .. and most of all is more Western from wat i see.. nandos.. and MCD, KFC.. em.. so, I am telling my fren..
Me: Don tell me u wan me makan something where I can find in Pg?
She: i wan eat MCD
Me: Siau… MCD Pg also got la.. drive till Autocity eat MCD, u Siao ka?
She: OK.. wat u wan eat?
Me: em… something cant find in penang..

And I spotted this one Kofi Heavan.. hehe..

Me: ok .. lets go fr this.. and we went dere..

I first glance through de menu. Menu was ok, had variety of local and western steak, sandwiches and pasta… didn’t really know what to order, luckily they had a set dinner… So at the end i went for the seafood platter…while my frens.. ordered the same as well.. hmmm.. we also ordered brownie and ice-cream .. seems look nice.. and like recomended food wor fr the waiters.. ok la.. we did it as well

“seafood platter – muscles, prawns and squid

Overall, the food is yummy as well as the service is great. Thats wat I love about it and environment is cozy as well.. is a real good place for gathering .. as well.. Fully recomended..

Food: 8/10

Environment: 8/10

Price: 7/10

“Brownie and ice-cream “

Seafood Pasta -Bakerzin

16 03 2008

The Bakerzin restaurant in Queensbay Mall, Penang, is relatively new and probably does not receive as much attention as it is used to in KL or Singapore. The place is awfully quiet during weekdays and gets several patrons during the weekends, mostly for the cakes. I have never frequented Bakerzin.

I ordered the Seafood Pasta which looked palatable from the menu picture, and I must say it did not disappoint. The serving portion was huge and there was a generous number of clams, prawns (fresh!) and a crayfish to top it off. Pasta sauce was tomato-based.. but is ok.. i kinda like them..

One thing for sure, i love the service.. is nice.. maybe is because not many ppl kua.. hehe