Aunty Asam Laksa

18 08 2008

There is an old aunty that had been selling nice assam laksa around Sungai Ara area.. Which is located jus a few steps away from the Famous Mee Jalil which is recommended by Vkeong on its blog. The laksa are well cooked which the taste not too sour as well as not too fishy smell. This laksa is real nice.. And wat is nice is the aunty seperated the fishes and the soup. She wont cooked the fishes with the soup.. So when u taste the laksa u can still eat the big flash of the fish …oishi.. And is cheap most of all. The stall open daily except Saturdys.. The price per bowl is just RM 2.50. and the taste is incredible nice. The location is opposite the sungai ara school where you can find this stall opposite Yoyo coffeeshop.

Price: RM2.50
Taste: 5/5


Mee Jalil @ Sg Ara, Penang

2 07 2008

Browsing through VKeong recommended Mee Jalil.. The location is opposite the sungai ara school where you can find this stall opposite Yoyo coffeeshop. Em.. as wat VKeong recommended, the uncle selling and goring the Mee Jalil is not using gas stove but using charcoal to fried the mee.. the reason is because he can easily control the fire and it taste better.. em.. lets see wat u got on your mee..

Em.. as normal mee goring, u have tau kua, a bit of vege..

Overall de taste is nice and is yummy … oishi des.. the price is RM 3
Taste: 4/5

Cheap and nice economy food

22 06 2008

Love to get nice and cheap economy food.. i found this stall in Yoyo in Sg Ara along Jalan Kenari.. The map is shown below.

The economy food is mostly open during evening about 4.00 pm – night where it has ranges of local delicious yummy food.. like em… curry chicken, curry fish, fried vege, fried chicken, and lots more..

The food are fresh and most important is cheap.. Nice and cheap!!! Yummy one word.

How to go:

Economy Rice @ Yoyo Coffee shop, Sg Ara, Penang

2 06 2008

Economy rice is famous in penang as well .. there are many places where you are able to find them.. and the taste is extremely nice. And i found one nice one at Yoyo .. the coffee shop is located at Sungai Ara.. along the Sungai Ara school and opposite famous Mee Jalil. This shop have many nice choices of food from pork, vegetables, chicken and fishes..


the taste for most of the food is not bad.. Besides that the price is reasonable . It is open daily about the evening at around 5.30 pm.. You can see many factory workers





Taste: 4/5

Price: Reasonable

White Coffee Ice fr Kim Shan, Sg Ara, Penang

15 05 2008

White Coffee is also a popular drink for dining in Penang. I had tasted many places of White coffee but i found this shop white coffee is very nice.. and this shop Kim Shan white coffee is a nicest of all. Yummy and the smell is nice and taste is fabolous.
Have a try and tell me wat u think

Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 1.60

Bak Kut Teh @ Kim Shan, Sg Ara, Penang

29 04 2008

Bak Kut Teh Crazy again fr last 3 days.. Went to one of the famous bak kut teh deights in Penang to grab my Bak Kut Teh.. but this time.. the quality is a bit down grade but still very yummy and nice.. 😛


Variety today not that much, i jus put fish ball, tau fu and a bit of pork, mushrooms.. and the bowl just cost me RM 11 for this and 2 bowls of rice.. As usual my favorite place fr night dining at kim shan

Price : RM 11
Taste: 3/5

Yoyo Coffeeshop Fried Koay Teow @ Sg Ara, Penang

11 04 2008

Nice Char Koay Teow.. not only in Lorong Selamat.. but many places as well.. i had found one.. a not bad Char Koay Teow at Sungai Ara at the YoYo Kopi Tiam. Where it is sitauted.. em.. there goes the map

The MAp-

The uncle stall is jus open at night about 6 am till about 11pm.. adnd have a good sale as well.. the Uncle not just selling Char Koay Teow but fried mee, and fried rice as well. Nice and yummy. One plate is RM2.80 only wif big prawns.. mmmm…nice cheap and yummy


– Yummy Char Koay Teow-

Price: RM 2.80

Taste: 4/5

Environment : 2/5