Lunch @ Sin Hup Aun , Pulau Tikus.

23 05 2008

In Sin Hup Aun Again… this coffeeshop i slocated along the Pulau tikus market where it is not only famous for the Western food but many other food as well. Yesterday, went there again to taste some other delicious food from there.. though i love the western food.. but i cant take dem .. huhu.. why.. soretroat.. lets see wat we ordered??

I ordered this one.. yeah.. is strawberry juice.. yummy rite? It is.. very yummy.. it is so cold.. and it is yummy as well.. just the strawberry.. not that much.. if more is nicer lo.. haha

Mummy ordered this one .. I love this… Jones Road..nice nice Mee Goreng.. but compare few years ago.. is not as good la.. but the taste is still ok lo..

It has taufu, squids, as well as many types of things inside.. and fried wif egg. The price is RM 3 per plate.. Yummy!!

Next is this one.. is Sa Poh Fan.. the taste is very nice .. not bad.. as the rice are cook well in the Sa pou.. and the taste is nice.. futhermore the chicken is quite fresh..

Lastly, i ordered this.. chicken.. but no i am not hungry.. The chicken is ok only.. not as nice as i expect it to be.. disappointment.. haiz.. RM 3 fr the chicken.

Taste: 3/5


Dried Strawberry @ Giant

25 04 2008


Wanna try dried strawberries but you are not in Cameron. You can try them by buying the packets one from the supermarket. Though the taste is not as nice as the strawberry u bought from Cameron highlands.. but for me.. er .. maybe no way i am buy them even i desire.. but at last i bought dem.. also haha

The taste is weird.. and abit like tipu punya strawberry don know la. My dad is is not fr me is taste like too too weird.. hehe.. and not nice , nOt fully recomended. Found them during my shopping in Giant

Price: RM 4.80
Taste: 1/5

Strawberry Crunchy @ Gurney Plaza Food Court, Penang

21 04 2008


– Strawberry Cunchy-

Went to GP ( Gurney Plaza) for makan as well as finding my frens fr a day chat since it has been a long long time i din meet them… went dere… was thinking of Food Loft but at last my frens having bad cough and soretroat suggested food court as she can take soup dere. So at the end of tat went and have dem..

As i am not hungry walking around the food court and spotted this one.. Strawberry Crunchy. the price is a bit expensive RM 4.50 fr a bowl of ice wif little bits of attap chee, longan and de sago..and not fresh strawberry up above them.. haha

Overall the taste is kinda too sweet but still can take them.. jus u need more drinks lucky i ordered coffee a bit bittery and hot.. or not i will be starved cold wif this.. Overall is ok

Price: RM4.50
Taste: 3/5
Service: 2/5

Strawberry Aloe Vera @ Kim Gary Gurney Plaza, Penang

13 04 2008

I had a nice drink from Kim Gary as is a delighting one.. the taste is so nice and is refreshing.. is blended wif pure strawberries as u can see slices of strawberries inside de drink wif bit aloe vera. the taste is nice overall but jus a bit expensive RM 5.90 per drink.. wat u think??


– Strawberry Aloe Vera-

Strawberry Juice @ Kundasang, Sabah

10 04 2008

Is not just Cameron Highlands able to get Strawberry juice .. and now u can have dem in Kundasang.. haha.. how can Strawberry Gal resist strawberry.. When on the way down from Kinabalu Park, we stop dere and have a cup of strawberry juice..

– The Environment inside-

The taste is not bad.. and is nice.. but I am late so no more fresh fresh berries fr me.. left jus dried one.. so … i think better camaron.. anytime strawberries.. keke

– The Nice View-

i love it… the juice is not as nice as cameron as well.. still like cameron.. very nice.. 😛

– The Stall-

– The Beautiful nice Strawberry-

But overall is nice… jus to compare de one in cameron more nicer.. keke

Cameron Highlands Strawberry

19 03 2008

See all those big sweet and juicy red strawberries, wanna to have one? I bought two boxes of strawberries from Cameron Highlands on last year during my copany trip dere. It costs RM15 per box.

Emmmm, so nice and fresh if I can pick it from the tree and eat in the farm. I still can remember that I went to Cameron Highlands with mt frens few years ago and he brought me to a farm to have fresh strawberries with ice-cream. Oh, yummy!!!! cant resist them..

Hope can go dere again and makan