Chicken Rice and Nai Cha from Wong Kok, Queensbay Mall

6 09 2008

Went to Wong Kok wif XY and we our lunch wif her mum and sis ..Food dere is ok jus service is not that good compare to last time I take dem a few weeks… is it due to too many customer le ? Dono lo.. We ordered 4 Nai-cha and 4 chicken Rice dere, and de service is real slow.. We waited for 1/2 hour for a plate of chicken rice which I expect should not be lo..

The Yim Yong Nai Cha is the combination of coffee as well tea.. Which is called Yin Yong and its one of famous drink from Hong Kong.. Yummy .. Is had de coffee smell as well as a bit of tea smell as well. Is really awake after drinking dem.. Nice and yummy …

As for the chicken rice, the portion like less and is not worth .. RM 7 for a chicken rice which is really cut troat. Futher more the chicken rice not really fresh and cost me for tat price .. Oh gosh .. Is really unacceptable..

Price: RM 7 for chicken rice, RM3.80 fr cold nai cha
Taste: 3/5


Wong Kok Yummy Black Pepper Seafood Set & Mango Desserts

16 03 2008

Wong Kok is famous…for yummy egg tarts and de pastries.. neverless.. it is also famous for his western as well.. i usually have my lunch dere as it is not only having reasonable price and environment.. yummy.


-Black Pepper Seafood Set-

It is quite ok the price RM9.90 for the set and RM 11.90 if i am not mistaken to include tea or coffee.. but this time, i wan try de ice blended mango ice blended.. having a nice mango taste


-Mango Ice Blended-

Wong kok In penanG have 3 outlets.. but i love the one in Gurney Plaza Basement just a few shops aways from CHicken rice shop. .. Or u can find in Queensbay Mall at Basement..beside Johnny steamboaT

Wong Kok Pasteries

16 03 2008

An Egg Tart is a typical fare of Hong Kong cha chaan teng. Hong Kong-style egg tarts have two main varieties, divided according to the type of the outermost layer or crust: Butter Flavoured Shortcrust Pastry & Puff Pastry. The Puff Pastry type has an extremely crisp texture and is regarded as the most traditional and correct form of of egg tart by food critics. Today’s egg tarts come in many variations due to Hongkongers’ eagerness to try almost anything. These include egg white tarts, milk tarts, honey-egg tarts, ginger juice-flavored egg tarts, chocolate tarts and even “birds’ nest” tarts. Besides the egg tart, other pasteries like Pork Tark and other tarts are yummy as well

It has been my favorite ever since i found this Wong KOk.. the Food is not just superb.. and u cant believe that all he pastries sold off very fast not even 7 pm… wau.. i mosli cant find wat i want unless i went earli morning to grab them. Delicious .. yum yum